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Angry Birds Blues Premiere

Angry Birds Blues Premiere

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Air date: 
Monday, March 19, 2018

Triplets Jim, Jay and Jake are the mischievous trio known as The Blues - the youngest of the Angry Birds! Without a doubt, The Blues are happiest when they are up to no good. Ruining their plans however, are the far less intelligent Hatchlings: the other baby birds who are always, unintentionally getting up to no good!

Coming up on Angry Birds Blues

(PREMIERE) Monday, 19 March
The Blues try to create a build-it-yourself clubhouse but the hatchlings get in their way. Zoe was given a whistle tool to whistle but she accidentally swallowed it. The Blues come to the rescue!

Tuesday, 20 March
The Blues are off on a fun camping night. But, they are not alone…Then, it’s a tennis match between two of the hatchlings trained by Jim and Jay. Who will win this ‘hatch’?

Wednesday, 21 March
Jake wants some sleep, but the other two Blues are having a dance off. Jim, Jake and Jay try to out-prank one another.

Thursday, 22 March
The Blues attempt to fly a kite but things don’t go to plan. Jake and Jay play with Jim’s plane without asking and break it!

Friday, 23 March
The Blues host a three ring circus for the Hatchlings. Then, they get catapulted into a turbulent situation when the Mighty Express delivers the wrong pieces to them.

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