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Power Rangers Samurai Premiere

Power Rangers Samurai Premiere

Air date: 
Air date: 
Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Power Rangers are back, sharper than ever! This time, four young warriors are summoned to defeat the incredibly powerful master Xandred! The great team of new Samurai Rangers is made up of Olympic swimmer Kevin, kindergarten teacher Mia, the carefree gamer Mike and Emily, a pure-hearted country girl. Watch how these young warriors train hard with the Red Ranger Jayden.

Coming up on Power Rangers Samurai:

(PREMIERE) Wednesday, 21 March
When the Nighloks are revived and begin to attack the mortal realm, it’s up to Jayden, the Red Ranger, to take them down. But, he can’t do this alone…and so the Power Rangers Samurai are born!

Thursday, 22 March
After joining Jayden as his teammates, Emily, Kevin, Mia and Mike begin their transition into Samurai Rangers.

Friday, 23 March
The city is attacked by the Nighlok Rofer, sent by Xandred to raise the Sanzu River’s water levels with human fear. Even in his Ranger form, Mike is in trouble. But with his teammates by his side, they may just have a chance.

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