Set your heart racing with Kwesé TV | Kwesé

Set your heart racing with Kwesé TV

Set your heart racing with Kwesé TV

09:15 SAST | 07 Sep 2017

Are you a thrill seeker? Kwesé TV can satisfy your cravings from the safety and comfort of your living room couch. With our array of heart-stopping thrillers and horrors this month, you'll be having sleepless nights for weeks. So get Kwesé now to ensure you don't miss a hair-raising second.

AMC Fear Nights (Ch 130)
Take a trip down memory lane with the classic 1968 horror that is Night of the Living Dead on Thursday, 7 September at 21:00 CAT. With a budget of just over $110,000, the film grossed over $30 million world-wide. Follow the terrifying story of Ben, Barbra and five others as they ward off the increasingly aggressive attacks of the living dead. Will they get out alive or will they eventually become what they fear the most?

Many people have emotional attachments to their cars, but could someone become haunted by one? While Arnold lovingly restores his 1958 Plymouth Fury (a car called Christine), his friends begin to notice unusual changes in his behaviour and uncover spine-chilling information about Christine's history. Will they be able to turn her off for good before she ends them? Find out in Christine on Thursday, 14 September at 21:00 CAT.

Three backpackers set out on the Euro-trip of a lifetime. After being promised a bevy of irresistible women at a hostel in Slovakia, Paxton, Josh and Óli decide to add one more destination to their journey. But, hell awaits as a mysterious kidnapping group picks them off one by one. Find out whether they will be able to endure the most shocking and torturous acts imaginable to escape captivity in Hostel on Thursday, 21 September at 21:00 CAT.

Despite its ambiguous title, the 1988 slasher film Child's Play is no game. After being shot dead in a toy shop, a wanted fugitive and serial killer transfers his soul into the body of a doll. The doll takes on a life of his own, and becomes the infamous and terrifying Chucky. In the hands of a little boy named Andy, Chucky carries out unthinkable horrors on anyone who gets in his way. Catch this terrifying horror on Thursday, 28 September at 21:00 CAT.

Spine-chilling real-life series
Put down as myths, legends and stories of the night, aliens are thought be unreal by many of the world's population. Uncovering Aliens on Discovery Science (Ch 425) delves into cases of alien abduction and hears first hand from the six million American's who believe they have made contact with the green guys in the sky. Are UFOs extra-terrestrial craft and does the government know more than they're letting on? Follow the team as they investigate all claims to uncover the truth in this new season every Monday - Thursday at 20:10 CAT.

Based in Arizona on the front line of the narcotics trade, Steven Seagal faces unspeakable dangers every day as an actor turned of law enforcement. This real-life series follows him on car chases, drug raids and even the capturing of dangerous and armed fugitives. Become captivated by the daily life of the fully-commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sherriff's Office in Louisiana in Steven Seagal Lawman on CBS Reality (Ch 170). Catch back-to-back episodes of the new season Weekdays at 12:25 CAT.

With this outstanding line up of chilling content, old and new, reality and fictional, Kwesé TV has it all this September.

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