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Gripping series on Kwesé TV

Edgy series on Kwesé TV this week.

09:00 SAST | 23 Jun 2017

Jaw-dropping drama and heart-wrenching romance on Kwesé TV

Kwesé has a bunch of shows filled with dramatic intensity, taboo love-affairs

08:30 SAST | 22 Jun 2017

The future is here with Odisseia

Step into the future and see what realities awaits us on Dream the Future on Thursday at 23:00 CAT.

17:00 SAST | 21 Jun 2017

New family entertainment shows on Kwesé Know

Kwesé TV has an amazing line-up of hip new shows to keep the whole family entertained.

09:00 SAST | 21 Jun 2017

The best of soap operas on Kwesé TV

Love, adventure, comedy and drama, these soap operas have everything it takes to be your new addiction.

10:00 SAST | 20 Jun 2017

The Seventies: A must-see documentary series on Kwesé Know

The Seventies on Kwesé Know is a definite must-see documentary series.

12:00 SAST | 19 Jun 2017

Martial arts mania on Kwesé TV

Let Kwesé Movies 2 (120) and AMC (130) take you on a magical martial arts journey this June.

09:00 SAST | 19 Jun 2017

Father’s Day entertainment on Kwesé TV

Kwesé TV has a line-up of captivating shows to keep Dad entertained this Father’s Day.

15:30 SAST | 15 Jun 2017

Couples featured in this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars S4

Five couples from various reality shows bare it all to find out if their marriages are worth saving.

09:15 SAST | 15 Jun 2017

Nine things you should know about Aishwarya Rai

Sharpen up on your Aishwarya Rai facts with Kwesé TV.

14:30 SAST | 13 Jun 2017

Series premieres this week on Kwesé TV

Be part of the premieres of the most anticipated TV shows.

09:30 SAST | 12 Jun 2017

Murder mysteries explored on iDX

Kwesé TV has some thrilling entertainment that’ll put a chill in your spine this winter.

09:00 SAST | 11 Jun 2017

Delicious travel-food shows on Viceland

Explore the world of pizza, from New York City to Chicago, with Frank Pinello.

11:00 SAST | 09 Jun 2017

Celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 91st Birthday on Kwesé TV

Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday this June with Kwesé TV.

09:00 SAST | 09 Jun 2017

Riveting real-life events on Kwesé TV

Catch intense real-life events on Kwesé TV.

09:00 SAST | 08 Jun 2017

Live stream NBA games on the Kwesé App

The Kwesé App offers you great viewing opportunities to watch your favourite shows from anywhere at any time.

16:45 SAST | 06 Jun 2017

Meet a bunch of new characters on Kwesé Kids

You are cordially invited to the premiere of Kwesé Kids’ shows. 

15:15 SAST | 06 Jun 2017

Bollywood Bonanza on Kwesé TV

Tune in to Kwesé TV this June for some brilliant Bollywood productions on Zee Bollymovies.

08:00 SAST | 06 Jun 2017

Gripping viewing on Kwesé TV this week

Kwesé TV brings you must watch tv shows this week to help kick the winter blues.

06:00 SAST | 04 Jun 2017

Kwesé Prime's new drama series: Kala & Jamal

Mothers-in-law don’t make for ideal roommates.

21:00 SAST | 03 Jun 2017

Uncover mysteries and paranormal activities on iDX

Kwesé TV brings you thrilling and suspense-filled entertainment to keep you captivated.

22:00 SAST | 02 Jun 2017

Winter Nights in with Kwesé TV

Join Kwesé TV this June for an exciting collection of movies for those cosy nights at home.

09:00 SAST | 02 Jun 2017

Which cartoon character are you?

Kwesé TV has the most incredible cartoons to keep you entertained.

14:45 SAST | 01 Jun 2017

All you can eat on Kwesé TV

Kwesé TV serves up fabulous foodie shows to give new inspiration for meal times in your home.

06:00 SAST | 31 May 2017

Entertaining Family Time on Kwesé TV

Kwesé TV provides fun viewing entertainment for the whole family, to keep you warm this Winter.

06:00 SAST | 30 May 2017

Enjoy African Series on Kwesé TV

In keeping with the spirit of Africa day, we put together a list of African-grown TV shows to look out for on Kwesé TV.

11:45 SAST | 26 May 2017

Reality Shows on Kwesé Prime

If you enjoy reality television, then Kwesé Prime has your tastes covered.

14:15 SAST | 25 May 2017

Be inspired to be the best

Kwesé TV gives some valuable insight on what qualities to look out for when choosing a mentor for yourself.

12:30 SAST | 25 May 2017

Fame in the family

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are not the only siblings to make it in the television world.

11:45 SAST | 24 May 2017

How to get your business idea to the top

Get your creative juices flowing and help your idea standout with Kwesé weekly entrepreneur inspirational shows.

09:15 SAST | 24 May 2017

Our favourite women in entertainment at the moment

There is no better way to celebrate talent than to shine light on it.

11:30 SAST | 19 May 2017

Business moguls show you how to make your business a success again

Get ready to rescue your business and drive it to success with Kwesé TV.

09:15 SAST | 19 May 2017

Enjoy Africa Day on Kwesé Movies 3

Watch back-to-back African content this Africa day on Kwesé TV.

11:00 SAST | 18 May 2017

The man who changed the world

Steve Jobs: iChanged the World

20:00 SAST | 17 May 2017

Find mid-week motivation on our faith based channels

Feed your soul with our selection of uplifting shows on Kwesé TV.

15:30 SAST | 17 May 2017

Rob Schneider’s memorable quotations

American actor, comedian, screenwriter and director Rob Schneider has had a highly successful Hollywood career.

10:00 SAST | 16 May 2017

Stefanie's Style Diaries: Vancouver

Fashion One (Ch 450) is a channel that shows off the most beautiful barbed wire fences, with the most beautiful views.

14:15 SAST | 15 May 2017

Three feel-good movies for Mother's Day

Celebrate Mothers' Day with three must see movies on Kwesé’s movie channels.

13:45 SAST | 12 May 2017

Hollywood lends a hand in Saving a Species

In Saving a Species: Gorillas on the Brink (Animal Planet, Ch 420, 1

09:00 SAST | 12 May 2017

Inside Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017

Feature on African Fashion International’s (AFI) Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

14:45 SAST | 11 May 2017

Join the millionaires club on Kwesè Inc

Watch entrepreneurs on Kwesè Inc (Ch 405) take their own financial freedom into their hands.

10:00 SAST | 11 May 2017

This Wednesday is ladies night with Kwesé Movies

Book your appointment to view the most thrilling movies on Kwesé’s Movie channels.

17:15 SAST | 09 May 2017

Ten things you didn't know about Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo – One of the greatest footballers of this generation.

16:30 SAST | 09 May 2017

Ten shows you should be watching on AMC Series

African Movie Channel Series (Ch 145) is a 24-hour Kwesé TV channel packed with exciting African series.

15:45 SAST | 03 May 2017

Uncover the ultimate super-humans on Discovery Science

While many of us possess admirable talents like singing, dancing, critical th

15:45 SAST | 26 Apr 2017

Snake Season on Animal Planet

Discover the world of serpants on Animal Planet.

11:15 SAST | 24 Apr 2017

Science Fiction on Kwesé TV

Enjoy a world of sci-fi action on Kwesé TV.

14:45 SAST | 13 Apr 2017

Faith Channels on Kwesé TV

Get in touch with your spiritual side with Kwesé TV.

12:00 SAST | 13 Apr 2017

Box Africa on Kwesé TV

Tune into Box Africa today on Kwesé TV!

15:15 SAST | 12 Apr 2017

Thrillers on Kwesé

If you feel like escaping the stresses of the day with a good thriller, then

13:15 SAST | 10 Apr 2017

Kwesé Movie 2: The Home of Martial Arts

Enjoy premium entertainment with Kwesé Movies  2's martical arts offering.

16:15 SAST | 06 Apr 2017

20th Century Icons on Kwesé Know (Ch 400)

Kwesé Know (Ch 400) has an intriguing series of exclusive documentaries coming up in April, profiling some of the 20th century’s most extraordinary characters.

16:45 SAST | 04 Apr 2017

Bruce Lee – King of Kung-Fu Kraze

Say ‘martial arts’ and who do you think of?

12:30 SAST | 31 Mar 2017

The Best of Seven for Seven, Revealed!

Fashion One celebrates 7th year anniversary with a soiree of fabulous fashion from the seven global regions including Africa.

15:30 SAST | 30 Mar 2017

Remembering Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B

Catch Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B this April on Kwesé Movies 1

15:30 SAST | 29 Mar 2017

Congratulations to 25 Facebook quiz winners!

Today I'm pleased to announce three sets of quiz winners, hailing from 15 Afr

19:00 SAST | 28 Mar 2017

Things you should know about Eddy Kenzo

You may know the name put here are more interesting facts on Uganda's Eddy Kenzo.

17:15 SAST | 28 Mar 2017

World-class series on Kwesé TV

Kwesé TV is home to world-class series that will keep you coming back for mor

16:00 SAST | 28 Mar 2017

Ten things you probably don’t know about Sylvester Stallone

There's more to the real-life hero that is Sylvester Stallone.

15:15 SAST | 28 Mar 2017

The music revolution will be televised on Kwesé TV

Enjoy the best music videos and exclusive interviews with Kwesé TV's music channels.

11:45 SAST | 24 Mar 2017

Exciting Easter Entertainment for Kids

Dance, learn and explore with Kwesé TV these Easter holidays.

15:30 SAST | 23 Mar 2017

Movies for Africa

Audrey Hepburn, a fashion and film icon of the 50s and 60s, said, “Everything

11:30 SAST | 20 Mar 2017

Learn, Discover, Innovate on Kwesé

Discovery is one of the world’s great television brands, and Kwesé TV is home

17:30 SAST | 17 Mar 2017

Empowering African viewers with factual and lifestyle channels

Television can be educational, informative and enlightening. Kwesé empowers Africans with first-rate factual and lifestyle shows.

11:45 SAST | 13 Mar 2017

Uncover cyber secrets on Odisseia

This week Odisseia taps into some of the most controversial technology topics in the world.

17:00 SAST | 10 Mar 2017

Diversity at the Oscars

The 89th Academy Awards, commonly known as ‘the Oscars’, was a great year for diversity.

14:30 SAST | 09 Mar 2017

Ten things you probably don’t know about Jackie Chan

The incredible Jackie Chan stars in Chinese Zodiac (

13:45 SAST | 09 Mar 2017

To the couture market we march!

An exclusive collection of the hottest haute couture shows, designers, and specialty shops from Asia and the world.

13:00 SAST | 08 Mar 2017

Boost your knowledge with Kwesé Know

Some watch television for escape, while others like their entertainment to be intellectually stimulating and rewarding. Kwesé Know (Channel 400) fits the latter category.

09:00 SAST | 03 Mar 2017

Incredible Entrepreneurial Shows on Kwesé Inc

Kwesé Inc has the perfect combination of exclusive reality shows that will help you sharpen your entrepreneurial acumen

15:15 SAST | 02 Mar 2017

Fact and Fiction on Kwesé Stories

Watch world-class reality shows and comedy-drama series exclusively on Kwesé Stories.

14:30 SAST | 02 Mar 2017

World-class Premium Entertainment on Kwesé Prime

Kwesé Prime is all about prime entertainment, where we bring you exclusive shows that are redefining our world and shaping the cultural landscape.

14:15 SAST | 02 Mar 2017

Four great reasons to tune in to Kwesé Movies 2 this March

Some enjoy watching movies for the acting, some for the drama, and others for

16:00 SAST | 28 Feb 2017

Dive into a world of tragedy, romance and triumph

Tune into Kwesé Movies 1 to explore a world of emotion with this month's biggest movie titles.

05:45 SAST | 27 Feb 2017

Bollywood Bonanza

Binge on the best of Bollywood entertainment, with some of the biggest blockbusters to hit the circuit.

10:30 SAST | 24 Feb 2017

Play, laugh and learn with DreamWorks

Beloved characters from DreamWorks’ animated hit movies in their dedicated home in Africa for the first time!

10:00 SAST | 20 Feb 2017

African American icons on Kwesé Movies 1

Malcolm X and Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

10:15 SAST | 13 Feb 2017

Top shows on Kwesé Stories (Channel 105)

Kwesé Stories brings you the drama, romance and magic of sultry soaps, titillating telenovelas, terrific talk-shows and more.

00:15 SAST | 13 Feb 2017

Binge on AMC shows this February

Binging is usually a bad idea, unless of course you’re binging on an AMC series.

08:45 SAST | 06 Feb 2017

Kwesé TV brings Diddy’s REVOLT TV to Africa

Kwesé is the first international distribution partner for REVOLT.

10:45 SAST | 01 Feb 2017

Find a dealer and connect to Kwesé

All you need to know to join a new world of entertainment.

16:30 SAST | 30 Jan 2017

Discover Kwesé Entertainment Channels

Unlock a whole new world with Kwesé TV.

11:30 SAST | 30 Jan 2017

Exclusive viewing on Kwesé TV

Kwesé TV offers exclusive packages of the world’s most sought-after sport and entertainment channels.

11:15 SAST | 30 Jan 2017

Fun for Toddlers and Tweens on Kwesé Kids

Kwesé Kids (Ch 500) is the perfect place to entertain and inform kids, from toddlers to tweens.

11:00 SAST | 30 Jan 2017

Guide to this month’s Kwesé Prime line-up

Not to be missed primetime television for the month of February.

11:00 SAST | 30 Jan 2017

Throwing out junk is Totally Rubbish

Totally Rubbish proves that one person’s junk is another’s treasure.

14:15 SAST | 24 Jan 2017

Hit the record button

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s hitRECord on TV exclusive to Kwesé.

13:45 SAST | 24 Jan 2017

Betty & Coretta turn history into ‘herstory’

Getting to know the First Ladies of the Civil Rights Movement.

10:30 SAST | 24 Jan 2017

Whoopi Goldberg stars in A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Attend your next family reunion knowing exactly how to deal with your family.

17:15 SAST | 23 Jan 2017

Kwesé Stories presents: Exhale

There’s no topic that’s off limits on this show.

13:45 SAST | 20 Jan 2017

The Undergrads – an Original African Series

The Undergrads explores the educational and social challenges of a group of African university students.

12:30 SAST | 20 Jan 2017