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American Dad S7

American Dad S7

Air date: 
Air date: 
Monday, July 9, 2018

Meet Stan Smith, a ferociously dedicated CIA agent. But, behind closed doors he’s just your regular American dad… or is he? He’s the head of a totally unruly, weird and wacky household. There’s Francine, his devoted and ditsy wife, Hayley, his hipster left-wing daughter, Steve, his dorky son and the family pet goldfish, Klaus, who has the mind of an Olympic skier. Oh, and how could we forget Roger? He’s an alien escapee from area 51 and he’s taken refuge at the Smiths. It looks like this American dad has his work cut out for him.

Coming up on this hilarious animated adult sitcom:

Friday, 13 July
S7/E9 – Fartbreak Hotel. Roger has dropped a bomb, and not the type you’re thinking of. He’s made a fart so bad that the entire household has had to evacuate to a nearby hotel. Francine finds herself building a new career (literally) after she makes friends with the hotel’s doorman.

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