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Fierce women on Kwesé TV

Fierce women on Kwesé TV

13:45 SAST | 11 Aug 2017

If you need a new show to fulfil all your reality needs then register online and get Kwesé TV now so that you don’t miss a jaw-dropping second.

Money. Power. Respect. These three things are the fruits of mega-success. In the competitive world of hip hop, it's the people behind-the-scenes that turn artists into stars, close deals, and get paid! Meet Dana, Kelly, Kendell, Nakia, Tiffany and Wendy – six big-deal African American female entertainment lawyers. They know what they want, they know how to get it and they’ll let nothing stand in their way. Watch as they battle their clients – and each other – to get the best deal, every Wednesday at 21:30 CAT on Kwesé Prime (Ch 100).

In the premiere episode on 16 August at 21:30 CAT, Dana ignites a power struggle with her husband; Kelly sends her boyfriend packing; and Kendell receives an odd and unnerving call.

If this has left you gagging for more, then meet the insanely talented gospel duo Erika and Trecina ‘Tina’ Atkins-Campbell, better known by their Grammy Award-winning stage name, Mary Mary. Kwesé Prime (Ch 100) is proud to present the sisters’ hot new reality show Mary Mary, weekdays at 18:00 CAT. Watch as these sensational personalities juggle their hectic schedules with their crazy family lives. Yes they’re married…and no they didn’t keep their maiden names. The sisters simply happened to marry men with the same surname - Campbell. The perfect precursor to their wacky, weird and wonderful lives. How do they do it all, and what will happen if they ever dare to drop the ball?

In the first episode, we take a look at some of the things that Tina and Erika sacrifice in order to pursue their dreams as Mary Mary, like missing a family gathering over Thanksgiving. Be sure to catch the premiere tonight, Friday, 11 August at 18:00 CAT.

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