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Newest Facebook contest winners!

Newest Facebook contest winners!

10:30 SAST | 24 Aug 2017

I'm pleased to announce winners from two Facebook contests held in the past month. First, congratulations to Moses Odh who won the quick quiz on 12 August, the first person to identify Brian Dzingai as the Zimbabwean sprinter in this 2008 Olympics photo with Usain Bolt. Well done!

For the "Your Turn!" competition which we launched on 26 July, I would like to congratulate social entrepreneur Kabo Letlhare-Wastike of Botswana who won first place with the highest number of "Likes" from my Facebook platform readers. In that contest I asked people who have already built a social or for-profit enterprise to tell us about their initiative in 100 words or less, plus their website address. 

To choose the winner this time, I asked readers on my Facebook platform to "Like" the ventures that inspired them most. (They could choose more than one). We had almost 180 pages of entries and thousands of "votes" were cast!  Congratulations to all!

These were some truly inspiring entries, not all who won by popular vote, but almost all which deserve commendation. Such initiatives are the future of our African continent!

A note from my prize team follows at the end of this statement. 

Strive Masiyiwa

Econet Group Chairman


WINNER and Runners Up


Kabo Letlhare-Wastike, Botswana 

Student Medical Aid

Kabo Letlhare-Wastikc Student Medical Aid

In 2004 I was diagnosed with TB of the Lungs. Had to lie on the floor of a government hospital all two weeks of admission. The first week on the corridor. I barely made it through exams that semester. I developed a stern resolve to help other students not to go through same. Shortly after graduation I started a Medical Aid for students (though being a Mechanical engineer). It helps with access to private healthcare, all at a low premium. We have helped over 20,000 with spectacles, dental, and other medical conditions combined. Hoping to scale up into Africa.

Etudiant Med'cal Aid



Faith Nyamukapa, Zimbabwe

#Kindercare Zimbabwe

Faith Nyamukapa #KinderCare Zimbabwe: Empowerment based organisation that helps to equip preschool owners and staff on how preschools should be run effectively to result in quality education for children at early childhood education stage (goal #4 UN Sustainable Development goals). We help provide opportunities and workable strategies to women who run such businesses that help them to develop and expand into Junior schools. In line with the regularisation of such businesses we also guide then through and we celebrate with those who finally get registered with the Ministry of Education. ; Zimbabwe 


Anthony Gobils, Nigeria

UrbanErrands Nigeria


We are UrbanErrands – An online social enterprise/platform where unemployed Nigerian Women can POSITIVELY sell their TIME running basic errands for extremely BUSY Persons. 

We are the “UBER” of Home Chores & Errands! 

Our campaign is backed by our zeal to keep creating more job opportunities for young unemployed Nigerian Women irrespective of their educational status.

Why don't you support us TO DO MORE by liking this post! 


MystiqueSyn Osuchukwu, Nigeria

Slatetab, Solution to Africa's underpaid storytellers

MystiqueSyn Osuchukwu Slatetab: The solution to Africa's underpaid storytellers.

I grew up listening to folklores as told by grandmother. Stories like why the tortoise has a cracked shell and why the dog is man's best friend; all in Igbo language. My love for her stories made me become a storyteller.

In Africa, storytellers who "have no name" are expected to do free work. Most put stories on Facebook and are rewarded only with "likes". With the help of the internet and a good phone, Slatetab aims to provide an online platform where people can sell their stories/books in any language.



Mazi Udoka Ozurumba, Nigeria

# Connect Skills Nigeria

Mazi Udoka Ozurumba # Connect Skills Nigeria

# Our focus is reducing unemployment by providing quality and affordable vocational skills trainings in order to encourage entrepreneurship and a skill based economy.

We understand that most enterprises including our trainees need more visibility, hence we created an online directory where we publicize the businesses of registered users for free.

We also understand that most people would love to deal with trusted skilled people hence we help connect them with verified skilled people that would attend to their needs at a fee.

We hope to incorporate grants to startups soon.



Kingwax Oluwadamilare, Nigeria

Garri processing


This is one food, made from cassava and widely accepted in West Africa. It used to be done in the old ways, now, we modernized it. Providing stainless steel machinery from peeling to frying.

I partnered with local fabricators to achieve this. I also help design and set up garri processing factories, being a building technologist.



Stewart Gideon Tamuno Ibifila, Nigeria

Stewart Gideon TamunoIbifila MyFoodyShop.Com

My partner used to be a banker who returned home late every day. As a worker, wife and mother, she faced the challenge of getting fresh food stuff from the market, not being comfortable with getting a maid. was created to solve such problems by providing working class wives, bachelors and nursing mothers an easy way to do their grocery shopping or even order for pots of cooked food. We offer them convenience and a chance to keep their homes healthy and happy just at the tap of their fingers.



Kelereng Donald Ramotsebe, Botswana

Med Mall Africa

Kelereng Donald Ramotsebe #) Medmall Africa
#) Medmall Africa simplifies interactions between doctors and patients all across africa. We plan to help connect students, and low income and improvished families with easy access to doctors and healthcare facilities across Africa. Project was started after my own parents had difficulty finding proper help to deal with their health issues. 

#) (99.9% done needs to be populated with doctors across different proffesions)
#) Botswana 


Tunde Elijah Kelani, Nigeria


Tunde Elijah Kelani BIZSTREET The Bizstreet App is a social commerce Mobile App that empower customers to interact and locate stores around them using their mobile is the meeting point between MSMEs and its customers. The App also enable MSME owners to access Health Insurance for as low as 10,000 naira per annum, Incorporate their business, Access Loans from our verified financial partners and also get daily business advice from our verified consultants. For More information check 
Country: Nigeria


Victor, Tanzania

Craft from Trash

Victor المنتصر CRAFT FROM "TRASH" 
AfriCraft is a Tanzanian NGO founded with promotion of environmental protection by collection of waste material such as plastic, glass, paper, and transforming these into usable craft items - a concept known as upcycling - as one of its main goals. Working with local youths, artists, craftmen and students, the organization hopes to plant the relatively new concept in the hearts and minds of the people, helping it take root and thrive in Tanzania and beyond, for the benefit of all.




Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations, especially to the winners! A very inspiring contest, as the Chairman noted.

The prize jury did notice a little confusion about where the entry was to be submitted (under the Afterthought or main body of the post). THIS TIME, as long as you eventually moved your post over to the Afterthought, we decided to count your ALL your votes, and you weren't penalized. 

Some of you helped each other, by informing where to submit entries properly. That good sportsmanship and professional collegiality was appreciated.

Only a few entries exceeded the 100-word max limit but overall nearly none of the top entries were disqualified this time for technicalities such as that.  The winner won by a long margin. 

NEXT STEPS:  Winners of both FB contests and our nine runners up must now respond to our Facebook Inbox message within two weeks for further instructions. If we do not hear back from you, the prize will become null and void. Please check!

Right now our team is busy with the Kwesé #GoGettaz Competition which we hope you all will consider entering by completing Quiz #1 at by Friday 1 September 12 noon (CAT).

We will let the "Your Turn" winners know the details of shooting the short video of your venture to showcase on Kwesé Inc. in due course. Congratulations once again!


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