Kwesé TV presents Season 2 of Billion Dollar Buyer | Kwesé

Kwesé TV presents Season 2 of Billion Dollar Buyer

Kwesé TV presents Season 2 of Billion Dollar Buyer

15:00 SAST | 12 Sep 2017

Tilman Fertitta, the CEO of billion-dollar companies Fertitta Entertainment and Landry's Inc, brings you Season 2 of the entrepreneurial series Billion Dollar Buyer on Kwesé Inc (Ch 405), from Wednesday 13 September at 20:30 CAT. Fertitta, who earned his reputation in the hospitality industry and is recognised by Forbes as the World's Richest Restaurateur, has the smarts to pick out a potential winning venture. Each year he invests $2 billion in various businesses, properties, restaurants, hotels and entertainment enterprises.  

On Billion Dollar Buyer every Wednesday and Thursday at 20:30 CAT on Kwesé Inc (Ch 405), Fertitta scouts small, American start-up businesses, identifying two with potential. He spends time with two owners, getting a feel of their innovative products, business models and plans. He shares his years of experience with the chosen companies, giving them motivation and expertise on how to grow the enterprise. At the end of each episode he chooses one business that fits with his restaurant chain's image - Landry's Inc - and invests in it. It’s triumph for one lucky business-owner, but disappointment for the other.

Don't miss season 2 of Billion Dollar Buyer on Kwesé Inc (Ch 405), get Kwesé TV and be inspired by Fertitta as he transformers promising small businesses into profitable enterprises.

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