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Hot series on Kwesé TV in October

Hot series on Kwesé TV in October

09:30 SAST | 27 Sep 2017

October promises to be a month filled with spectacular shows to keep you entertained and enlightened.

What to catch on Kwesé Prime (Ch 100):

Born Again Virgins S1 on Fridays at 22:00 CAT
A group of friends decides to strengthen their sisterhood and their relationships with the men in their lives by refusing to 'give it up!' Hoping that this plan will work out, these girls give their all to resist temptation. When one friend vows to keep her promise, despite temptation from her drop-dead gorgeous neighbour, she goes on a quest to get more of her friends to join her. Hilarity ensues as one of her friends flat out refuses to be part of the pact and another weighs the possibilities of her 'putting away her cookie jar' until further notice.

My Big Nigerian Wedding S2 premiere on Sunday, 1 October at 20:00 CAT
Nigerian weddings are known for their extravagance and over-the-top theatrics. Season 2 of My Big Nigerian Wedding comes back with a blast. Two lucky couples - one from Abuja and one from Lagos - will have their ideal weddings sponsored by a dream team of wedding planners. Having participated in a live game show, being selected over hundreds of other willing contestants and pulling enough votes to reach the grand finale in their respective cities, Noye and Emmanuel in Lagos and Blessing and George in Abuja have earned the coveted spots on this must-watch show.  

Day Pass S1 premiere on Tuesday, 3 October at 19:30 CAT
Explore the everyday lives of your all-time favourite musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, producers and other interesting people. Spend time getting to know the unscripted ins and outs of their lives and discover the people behind the names on Day Pass.

Underground on Thursdays at 20:30 CAT
Step back in time on Kwesé Prime with Underground. It's 1857 in the heart of America's South, which is riven by segregation and slavery. A group of brave plantation slaves dream of a better life, and are willing to risk everything to get it. Be part of the thrilling action of their dangerous escape and long journey to freedom.


What to catch on Kwesé Inc (Ch 405):

Dragon's Den Canada premieres Monday 16 October at 20:30 CAT
Each episode sees 5 'dragons'- successful multi-millionaires - hear out aspiring entrepreneurs in need of funding to kickstart their new businesses. Each entrepreneur asks for a specific amount and must justify to the dragons why they need this money and what they plan to do with it. These dragons breathe fire and aren't quick to hand out the cheques. The entrepreneurs have their work cut out for them; will they be successful in launching their ideas? Find out on Dragons Den S1 and S2.

Shark Tank S5 Wednesdays and Thursdays at 19:30 CAT
As if Dragons were not enough to deal with, Shark Tank takes you on a journey into the terrifying shark tank where entrepreneurs must sell their ideas to a panel of self-made multi-millionaires - the sharks. This challenge proves to be very tough when the investors aren’t so friendly to the outsiders lurking in their tank. Entrepreneurs have to pull out all the stops to ensure they secure sizeable investments for their projects. It's a sink or swim situation on Shark Tank.

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