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Hot on Kwesé TV this November

Hot on Kwesé TV this November

11:30 SAST | 26 Oct 2017

We're hoping to give you tips on home improvement, take you on a trip down memory lane and even feed your craving for action. So, get Kwesé TV this November and tune in to some of this hot new content.

#ThrowbackSaturdays on Kwesé Movies 1 (Ch 115)
Every Saturday this month Kwesé TV takes you back with some golden oldies, check them out here:

Have you experienced the misfortune of collecting your luggage, only to discover it's been swapped with someone else's? Well, imagine finding eight severed heads in a duffel bag that looks like yours, but clearly doesn't belong to you. That's what happens to an innocent college student, Charlie, in 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag airing on Saturday, 4 Nov at 20:00 CAT. The film is a crime comedy starring Joe Pesci as a crazy mob boss.

Damon Wayans plays Major Payne, Saturday, 11 Nov at 20:00 CAT. War and battle is all he knows, but with no war to fight he is honourably discharged from the Marines. How will this insanely strict and disciplined military man fit back into society? He'll find a bunch of kids at a preparatory school to rule over and whip into shape, that's how.

And if you're a fan of the Wayans you'll enjoy their crazy parody: Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood airing Saturday, 18 Nov at 20:00 CAT. Shawn is Ashtray, an innocent fellow thrown into the slums without a moment's notice. Marlon is Loc Dog, Ashtray's wild, gangster, nuclear-armed cousin. Besides a way-too-long film title, what else could possibly go wrong?

And there's more Wayans madness on Kwesé Movies 1 in Senseless on Saturday, 25 Nov at 20:00 CAT. In this hilarious comedy with a romantic twist, Marlon stars as the poor Darryl, who is about to lose his dream job to a rich snob. But then he signs up as a test subject in an experiment and comes out the other side with superhuman powers. Maybe money isn't the answer to everything.

Get your home improvement tips ahead of the holiday season
Mega Dens is back with Season 4 on Wednesday, 1 Nov at 22:00 CAT. Join Anita as she creates the most incredible recreation rooms that her clients have only ever dreamed of. From planning to execution, Anita uses her skills as an interior designer to create the perfect spaces. Catch double bills every Wednesday on Fine Living (Ch 445).

Feed your imagination with Kwesé Movies 2 (Ch 120)
Feed your super hero craving with The Guardians on Wednesday, 8 Nov at 21:00 CAT. It's about a team of Soviet superheroes, who were formed at the height of the Cold War. With the human race in peril, this is their chance to come out of hiding and save humanity.

Action-packed Wednesdays on AMC (Ch 130)
The hit martial arts series Into the Badlands is back with Season 2 on Wednesday, 22 Nov at 21:00 CAT. Daniel Wu is a highly-skilled warrior, Sunny, who is travelling through a barren and dangerous kingdom - the Badlands - with young MK. Season 2 kicks off with the pair being separated, each imprisoned. Will MK be able to direct his special powers for good, and will Sunny be able to find his family? Find out in our double-bills every Wednesday at 21:00 CAT.

With all this and more on Kwesé TV this November, you'd be crazy to not get involved.

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