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Excite your imagination on Kwese TV

Excite your imagination on Kwese TV

14:45 SAST | 08 Nov 2017

We at Kwesé TV enjoy the suspense and thrill that comes with watching an excellent sci-fi movie, what with time travel, space ships, and aliens of higher intelligence. Science-fiction is a genre that hooks you and keeps you coming back for more, that's why Kwesé offers a galaxy of the world's best sci-fi shows and movies. This month we have picked out a few of our favourites and hope you will enjoy them too. Don't miss The Guardians, Underworld Evolution, Zathura: A Space Adventure and The Sorcerer and The White Snake on Kwesé Movies 2 (Ch 120), Kwesé Family (Ch 110) and other quality content on Discovery Science and Kwesé Play.

If you are looking for super-hero action, The Guardians, Wednesday, 8 November at 21:00 CAT, is all about super-heroes created during the Cold War. The team includes members of multiple Soviet Republics under an organization, Patriot, who must hide their identities and operate in secret until hard times force them to reveal their identities. Is the world ready to accept them and what good could these superheroes do? Tune in Kwesé Movies 2 to find out.

In The Sorcerer and the White Snake on Kwesé Movies 2, Tuesday, 14 November at 21:00 CAT, a master monk tries to protect a 'wet-behind the ears' physician from falling in love with a thousand-year-old snake demon. This fantasy film, based on a Chinese legend, portrays a classic tale of love and hate. How far will the monk’s efforts go in saving the young physician from her desires and what will happen to the white snake?

When two brothers play board game they come across in the basement of their new home, their home is hurled through the depths of space? Catch Zathura: A Space Adventure on Kwesé Family Friday, 17 November at 22:00 CAT to uncover what it takes to get out of the intergalactic adventure the brothers find themselves trapped in. Will their sibling rivalry get in the way of them saving their family home, or will unity prevail?

As a sequel to the popular Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans, Underworld Evolution, Sunday, 26 November at 23:25 CAT, sees the beautiful vampire warrior Selene and the half werewolf Michael search for clues about the history of their races and the war between them. What will they discover and how will that information help protect the future of the Corvinus bloodline? When faced with difficult challenges Selene and Michael stop at nothing in search for their truth on Kwesé Movies 2.

Get Kwesé TV and enjoy brilliant content on Kwesé Play's Netflix and Discovery Science (Ch 425).

Great series on Netflix:

Star Trek Discovery, Season 1, Mondays on Netflix: After many years of silence and inactivity, war erupts between the Federation and Klingon Empire. A condemned Starfleet officer, with very little knowledge of aliens, finds herself at the centre of this conflict. Tune in to uncover which empire will emerge victorious and what will happen to the Starfleet Officer.

Under the Dome, Season 3 on Netflix: A mysterious force-field strikes the small town of Chester's Mill, Maine in the USA, trapping the residents inside a dome and cutting them off from the rest of civilization. The trapped people must discover the secrets and purpose of the 'dome' and its origins, while at the same time discovering more about each other and the animals. What will they uncover about this mysterious dome and each other?

Sci-fi documentaries on Discovery Science (Ch 425):

Delve into documentaries like Gamechangers: Inventing the World on Discovery Science, Wednesday, 8 November at 21:10 CAT to follow the visionaries behind engineering, technology and science. Uncover how these inventions have changed the way we live and what great works are being done to transform and better the future.

Nextworld on Discovery Science, Thursday 9 November at 20:20 CAT goes behind-the-scenes to uncover the technology, science, radical ideas and inventions shaping the future. See what it takes to construct the biggest projects and turn billion-dollar endeavours into real-life projects.

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