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Premiering on Kwesé TV

Premiering on Kwesé TV

08:45 SAST | 14 Mar 2018

Witness is a series on Al Jazeera (Ch 730) that offers a more detailed take on the stories making headlines. It's gritty, personal and controversial. This month we premiere two Witness documentaries that shed light on fascinating world events. Witness: Nowhere to Hide - Wednesday, 14 March at 22:00 CAT on Al Jazeera (Ch 730) - won multiple awards for its depiction of the life of a medic over five years after American troops retreated from central Iraq. Witness: India's Forbidden Love - Monday, 12 March at 00:30 CAT on Al Jazeera (Ch 730) - explores the controversial practice of honour killings, whereby family's kill daughters who wish to marry outside their caste.

Individual freedom and choice, particularly for women, are rallying cries in the 21st Century. The film Desert Flower - Thursday, 15 March at 20:00 CAT on Kwesé Movies 1 (Ch 115) - explores these themes and is based on the autobiography of famous Somalian model and activist Waris Dirie. Dirie made the unlikely transition from growing up in a nomadic, pastoralist existence to becoming a celebrated fashion model in the west. She also became an activist for the rights of girls and women and has spoken out against female genital mutilation.

And if that's all a bit serious and you'd rather enjoy some escapist fun, then don't miss The Package - Sunday, 18 March at 21:00 CAT on Kwesé Movies 2 (Ch 120). It's an action-packed thriller about a man (Steve Austin) who has to deliver a mysterious package to a German crime lord, played by Dolph Lundgren. Feast on blazing guns, cool fight scenes and tense standoffs for the full 95 minutes.

We also have some new shows coming up on our African Movies Channels. Look out for The Don - Thursday, 15 March at 19:00 CAT on African Movies Channel (Ch 160), starring Kenneth Okonkwo, Monalisa Chinda and Blessing Nwankwo. And then there's also Wrath - 13 March at 22:00 CAT on AMC Series (Ch 145), a gripping drama series starring Alfred Munyua, Nduta Mbuthia and Peter Kawa.  

Fans of reality shows have plenty to look forward to on CBS Reality (Ch 170). Who hasn't dreamt of becoming a celebrity and enjoying status, fame and easy money? But there's a dark side to the good life. Celebrity Damage Control, premiering Friday, 16 March at 22:00 CAT on CBS Reality (Ch 170), follows the stories of major celebrities who've got too big for their boots and done some bad things.  

If you're into seeing celebrities behaving in over-the-top ways, you'll enjoy season two of David Tutera's Celebrations, premiering Monday, 12 March at 21:30 CAT on Kwesé Prime (Ch 100). As the blurb has it, "a team of professional event planners slap together designer parties for stubborn celebrity drama queens."

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