Kwesé Sports: Your Official FIFA World Cup Broadcaster | Kwesé

Kwesé Sports: Your Official FIFA World Cup Broadcaster

Kwesé Sports: Your Official FIFA World Cup Broadcaster

15:15 SAST | 22 Mar 2018

Kwesé Sports brings you all 64 games of Russia 2018 (14 June – 15 July) LIVE.

The FIFA World Cup is upon us and now’s the time to discover how you can catch 32 games free on Kwesé Free Sports and all 64 games on our paid-for platforms, Kwesé TV and Kwesé iflix (available in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia). 

Kwesé has exclusive rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup free in Africa. These rights include all games involving African teams, the opening ceremony and opening match, two quarterfinals, both semifinals, as well as the final and closing ceremony. That’s a lot of football to enjoy on our free platform: Kwesé Free Sports. (See below for how to access KFS in your country).

Watch all games LIVE on Kwesé TV. Those who want the full FIFA World Cup experience should subscribe to Kwesé TV or Kwesé iflix for viewing on your mobile device. Here you'll enjoy numerous channels of the world’s best sport and entertainment; and come 14 June we’ll be adding another channel to the bouquet, the Kwesé FIFA World Cup Channel (Ch 300) – a dedicated 24/7 portal to Russia 2018. Catch all the games LIVE, plus classic matches from previous World Cups, official FIFA magazine shows, daily highlights and LIVE studio chats. No better way to enjoy the incredible vibe and excitement of Russia 2018. (Note: when two games are played simultaneously, one will be carried on Kwesé Sports 1). What are you waiting for, get Kwesé TV now, or  Kwesé iflix (available in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia).

Watch Kwesé Free Sports in you Country. Kwesé is dedicated to broadcasting the FIFA World Cup in as many countries across Africa as possible. While some countries already have Kwesé Free Sports (KFS), others will broadcast the FIFA World Cup as a KFS block by the national broadcaster. Below is a list of where you’ll be able to watch the 32 FIFA World Cup games LIVE. If your country is not on this list, then Kwesé is still confirming the broadcast partner.

Nigeria (Lagos)                            KFS (Tune in on your analogue TV) / BON
Nigeria (Rest of)                           KFS (FreeTV DTT decoder, Ch 732) / BON
Kenya                                           KFS (Digital TV or free-to-air set top box) / NTV
Tanzania                                       KFS (StarTimes, Ting, Continental, Digitek set top box) / TBC
Uganda                                         KFS (Decoder or TV that receives digital signal) / BBS
Senegal                                         KFS / L’OBS TV / ANTV SAS
Ghana (Accra & Ashanti)               KFS (Analogue TV on 543Mhz) / GBC
Ghana (Regional Capitals)            KFS (Terrestrial 2 Digital TV or set top box) / GBC
Malawi                                           KFS (Malawi Digital Broadcasting set top box, or Kiliye Kiliye decoder, Ch 114)
Rwanda                                         KFS / RBA
Namibia                                         KFS (Tune to NBC 6 on the DTT service)
Botswana                                      KFS (BTV set top box)
Liberia                                           KFS (Clar TV, Channel 5)
Cameroon                                     CRTV
DRC                                              KFS (DTT decoder) / Bleu Sat / RTNC
Angola                                          TPA
Benin                                            ORTP
Burkina Faso                                TVMS
Burundi                                         RTNB
Cameroon                                    CRTV / KFS
Cape Verde                                  RTC
Chad                                            ORTNV
Congo Brazzaville                       Goka - Tele Congo
Cote d'Ivoire                                RTI
Equatorial Guinea                       Asonga TV
Swaziland                                   SWAZI TV
Ethiopia                                       EBC
Gabon                                         Gabon Premiere
Guinea Bissau                            TVGB
Guinea Conakry                          RTG
Liberia                                         KFS
Madagascar                               ORTM
Mali                                            Africable
Mauritus                                     MBC
Mozambique                              Miramar TV / TVM / TV Successo
Niger                                          ORTN
Seychelles                                 TVMS
Togo                                           TBT
Zambia                                       KFS / Prime TV

Do you want to watch the FIFA World Cup, which kicks off in Russia on 14 June? Kwesé Free Sports is the exclusive free-to-air broadcaster for the event and will screen 32 games LIVE, including all games involving African teams. But if you want the full FIFA World Cup experience, with all 64 games LIVE in HD, then get Kwesé TV.


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