Let's share a story of like, Total Dramaaa! | Kwesé

Let's share a story of like, Total Dramaaa!

Let's share a story of like, Total Dramaaa!

13:45 SAST | 29 Mar 2018

Would it ever be justifiable for a mother to walk out on her children? Well, depending on where you’re sitting - your answer is likely to be NO! But in Chesapeake Shores, Thursday 12 April at 21:30 CAT on Kwesé Stories (Ch 105), this kind of thing happens. Five children later Megan’s marriage to Mick is not working and she makes the only decision left to make - to leave and never come back! The children are now adults leading their own lives and Megan is ready to come home, but is she welcome to?

As far as tumultuous families go, none is more troubled that the Greenleaf family, premiering 12 April at 20:30 CAT on Kwesé Prime (Ch 100). Born into a mega-church family Grace Greenleaf gives up preaching and leaves home, at the age of twenty, running away from the dark secrets which threaten to tear her family apart. Her mother, Lady Mae, is prepared to take the family secrets to her grave and keep up the ‘perfect family’ farce that their congregation is buying into. The Bishop’s biggest concern is keeping the cheques coming and letting nothing stand between him and his money. 

New York’s saucy go-getters are in hot pursuit of their dreams, from fashion to real estate in Blood, Sweat and Heels on Monday 2 April at 07:00 CAT on Kwesé Stories (Ch 105)! When the going gets tough, they keep the mascara intact. A true test of their friendship comes when Demetria posts about her friends’ dysfunctional love relationships on her blog, the ones who are dating more than one partner and those who can’t keep a man. The sharp manicured nails are out!

This elite group of black female lawyers do battle in the courtroom, and they do it in fabulous stilettos. They tackle tough cases, fight community injustice and battle controversy while struggling to maintain their decades-long friendship. Between winning cases and putting out personal fires, old feuds just keep resurfacing. They are Sisters in Law, premiering Thursday 19 April at 20:00 CAT on Kwesé Stories (Ch 105).

For many, food is just a passion but for Chef Lawrence, food is his passion and his hustle. When he takes his Pink Tea Cup Restaurant to Brooklyn, New York - he anticipates a booming soul food business. The women around Lawrence love more than just his cooking. From bite-size to full-on voluptuous they give ‘diva’ a new meaning and they all have one goal - to remain at the top of his priorities. Catch Hustle & Soul, Tuesday 3 April at 19:10 CAT on Fox Life (Ch 185).

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