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Pablo Picasso: One of the World's Most Brilliant Artists

Pablo Picasso: One of the World's Most Brilliant Artists

10:30 SAST | 13 Apr 2018

He is arguably the world's greatest and most renowned painters, his name etched in history with his masterpieces now worth millions of dollars. He is Pablo Picasso and he is the focus of Genius: Picasso. The Emmy and Golden Globe nominated series is back with a second season and this time, it's delving into the life of painter, Pablo Picasso.

Genius: Picasso premieres Sunday, 22 April at 20:05 CAT on National Geographic (Ch 435) and sees Antonio Banderas and Alex Rich sharing the role of Picasso - each portraying him at a different stage in his life. Are you hooked? If not, then we know that these intriguing facts about Picasso will have you wanting more!

  1. Although we know him as simply Pablo Picasso, the prolific Spanish artist was baptised Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. It's certainly a mouthful.
  2. His interest in the craft sparked at a young age and a talent for the creative seemed to run in the family. His father was a painter, a professor of art and the curator at a local museum.
  3. Picasso hosted the first exhibition of his work at age 13 at the back of an umbrella shop. We suppose he was saving for a rainy day.
  4. The legendary painting, Mona Lisa, was stolen in 1911 and Picasso was one of the many suspects brought in for questioning.
  5. During World War II, Picasso's paintings were forbidden as they did not fit the Nazi's ideal of art. During this time, Picasso turned to poetry as a creative outlet.
  6. His most expensive piece to ever sell was Women of Algiers - Version O (completed in 1955). It sold at a record price of $179.4 million on auction at Christie's, New York in 2015.
  7. It is estimated that Picasso produced around 50,000 artworks throughout his career, an immense collection comprising of drawings, paintings, sculptures and even ceramics.
  8. Of these 50,000, over 1,000 of Picasso's pieces are still missing, making him the artist with the most stolen paintings in world history. 
  9. In 1971, an exhibition at the Louvre honoured Picasso's 90th birthday. He was he first living artist to have his work shown there.
  10. He died in 1973 at the age of 91 and is outlived by three of his four children: Maya, Claude and Paloma.

With a career spanning over 80 years, Picasso truly is one of the most iconic and awe-inspiring artists to have ever lived. He revolutionised our conception of 20th century art through his invention of constructed sculpture, co-invention of collage and co-founding of the cubist movement. To learn about his tumultuous personal life and dedication to his talent, get Kwesé TV now and tune in!

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