Facebook grand prize winners announced for World Cup trip and 100 Kwesé iflix 30-day free VIP vouchers! | Kwesé

Facebook grand prize winners announced for World Cup trip and 100 Kwesé iflix 30-day free VIP vouchers!

Facebook grand prize winners announced for World Cup trip and 100 Kwesé iflix 30-day free VIP vouchers!

06:15 SAST | 23 Jun 2018

Congratulations to Tatenda Anderson Mareverwa of Zimbabwe who wins the grand prize in the Kwesé iflix quiz held on my Facebook page. Tatenda will very soon be on his way to the 2018 FIFA World Cup to watch the Nigeria v Argentina match in St. Petersburg on Tuesday 26 June!

Hats off to him for his quick and accurate work, and to all of our 99 other winners, hailing from throughout the African continent (especially Nigeria and Zimbabwe this time)! 

Competition was very hot, and my jury reported some great presentations and also some sloppy work that unfortunately put some of you out of the list of winners this time. Remember! Presentation matters. Attention to detail matters...  There were reportedly some close calls on this one but if the answer was too hard to figure out or not precise, the jury moved on to the next entry.

It was also clear that some of you copied answers from each other, as we received several identical answers, most often wrong answers, by the way!

For two people with excellent presentations, we decided to give 60 day free - Kwesé iflix VIP vouchers rather than 30 days.

Congratulations to Gary Mucheto of Zimbabwe and Emmanuel Mwalyambwile of Tanzania for your excellent work. Well done!

Since the App was just launched, there was a short transitional time re Question #3 where the footballers could not be seen on the home page, so if people mentioned that specifically, as a few did, they were also given a prize as an accurate answer.
Congratulations once again and remember: If you have already downloaded the Kwesé iflix app, you can already enjoy 2,000+ hours of free entertainment content, in addition to the World Cup Matches and the VIP shows.  https://iflix.onelink.me/QRBE/kweseiflixhere

To redeem your prize, please do not delay!  Go to the end of this message and hear from my Prize Team about what to do next to redeem your prize.

#AfricaUnite. Let's continue to cheer on our boys!

Strive Masiyiwa
Executive Group Chairman, Econet


Kwesé iflix QUIZ:

"The first person to provide the correct answer to all these questions will win an all-expense paid trip to watch one match at 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™. Remember if you edit your answer, the edit time is what counts.

The Kwesé iflix app is currently available in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe – so it might be hard for those outside these countries to participate. Don’t worry, we will open up the app up in more markets as we continue to build the service – but not in time for this particular competition. 

# You MUST state in your entry that you already have a valid passport to travel. 

# You must also include the name of your country.

# After my team selects #1, they will also choose the next 100 VIP vouchers that gives you unlimited 30 day access to Kwesé iflix, including all 64 World Cup matches Live. 


Please remember: ONLY answer under this Afterthought or you will not be eligible. 

#1. What is the channel listed first in the Live TV section of the App?

#2. Name one TV show that is available for FREE (all episodes free)

#3. What are the names of all five football players featuring on the Kwesé iflix Home Page. For EACH player tell me: 1) their national team; 2) their current professional team; and the 3) position they usually play.

#4. True or False? You can download movies and series on Kwesé iflix and watch them later. 

#5. True or False? Once you stop a movie or series on Kwesé iflix you can continue it from where you left it."


Here are the answers my jury was looking for:

1. Kwesé Free Sports

2.  One TV show available for FREE (all episodes free): Shuga; Coconuts TV; Cupid Co.; Mama Kubwa

3. The five footballers featuring on the Kwesé iflix home page:


# Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, Professional Team- Paris St Germain (PSG), Country- Brazil, Position- Forward/Striker(Jury accepted Neymar and Neymar Jr)

‪# Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini, Professional team- Barcelona, Country-Argentina, Position- Forward/Striker(Jury accepted Lionel Messi)

‪# Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, Professional team- Real Madrid, Country- Portugal, Position-Forward/Striker(Jury Accepted Cristiano Ronaldo)

‪# John Michael Nchekwube Obinna, Professional team- TianjinTeda, Country- Nigeria, Position-Midfielder(Jury accepted John Mikel Obi, and different sequence of these three names)

# ‪Mohamed Salah Ghaly, Professional team- Liverpool FC, Country-Egypt, Position-Forward/Striker

(Jury accepted Mohamed Salah and Mo Salah)


‪4. True. You can download movies and series on Kwesé iflix and watch them later. 

‪5. True. Once you stop a movie or series on Kwesé iflix you can continue it from where you left watching it.


WINNERS of Kwesé iflix VIP vouchers for 30 days free (or 60 days if ** for excellent presentation)

Tatenda Anderson Mareverwa

Akeyewale Rilwan‪

Tinotendaishe Watty Mudimu Emmanuel VII‪

Tabitha Oluwatobiloba Oyèlámì‪

Precious Koko Sami‪

Onah Classic Elijah‪

Ehireme Solomon Olumese‪

Moses Adanu‪

Gary Mucheto‪**

Irabor-Bello Peace‪

Sampson Mark‪

Jasper Mhishi‪

Ogbaga Ogba Immanuelrigmaster‪

Matipaishe D Mupatsi

Moses Odh‪

Ivan Solomon Mutenyo‪

Emmanuel Mwalyambwile‪**

Fredrick Toendepi‪

Joshua Chongo Lupupa‪

Michael Abiodun‪

Ehis Nath‪

Marvin Naeto CM‪

Nesbet Mangena‪

Adebayo Benjamin Adebote‪

Chiza Kumwenda

Engr Solomon El Rey‪

Munashe Stanely‪

‪Cuthbert K Imbayago‪

‪Ikechukwu Benjamin Okorie‪

‪Kedrique Mule Masinja‪

‪Ndungu Kiama‪

Alioni Hitle‪

‪David Mc Brandon‪

‪Honourable Oladiplenty‪

‪Ignatius Okoro‪

‪Robert Githini‪

‪Levelz Beatz‪

Byamukama Anacret‪

‪Ndifreke Victor Joseph‪

‪Ronald Kyabagu

‪Emmanuel Nsot‪

‪Oloski Oloski‪

Adebanjo Adesola‪

‪Idorenyin Obot Akpabio‪

‪Ejiaka Pgm Nonny‪

‪Godfrey Chinedu Victor‪

Babalola Olaitan‪

‪Abiodun Adetula‪

Nyasha Sithole‪

‪Liberty Dimingo‪

‪Michael Otote‪

‪Blessing Mutore

‪Haruna Sulemana‪

‪Tochukwu A. Onunkwo‪

‪Godfrey Maenzanise‪

‪Ndubuisi Justin Junited‪

‪Dapper Slim-starz‪

‪Mark Nimi‪

‪Osas Victor Osas

‪Okochi Chukwu Obeni‪

‪Orji Kelechi‪

‪Princewill Obialor‪

‪Valentine Gondo‪

‪Constataise Tafadzwa Pachawo‪

‪Albert Oyugi‪

‪Jabulani Lincoln Nkhata‪

‪Julius Muzenda

‪Enock Ogecha Moraa‪

‪Jude Chapman-Kodam‪

‪Blazing Kingdom David‪

‪Iddris Tophchester Yakub‪

‪Nick Censored Delicto‪

‪Anya Chima O‪

‪Peter Oladiran‪

‪Axmed Duco‪

‪Caleb Nii Lante Lamptey‪

Richard Areba Hsc‪

Bn Abdlazeez O Kamaldeen‪- 

‪Tapfuma Langton‪

Inem Akpanamasi‪

Jessica Letshwiti‪

Evans Njuki‪

Victor Kasene‪

‪Jonny Segho‪

Tanaka Phiri‪

Douglas Gawani‪

‪Adereni Abiodun‪

‪Kuma Christopher Zeewell‪

‪Orieno Henry Smile‪

‪Uwem Uke‪

‪Tatenda Tawonezvi‪

Ehireme Solomon Olumese‪

Amos Joseph‪

Timothy Rubashembusya‪

Benjamin Dare‪

Justin Small‪

David Odili‪

‪Samuel Igbomiye Samuel‪

‪Arnold Senyo Gbetie‪

‪Bishopkaro Erhieyovwe‪

Israel Mbor Deedumbari‪


IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the prize team:

Congratulations!  If your name is on the list, please note the following:

1. You will NOT be contacted by the Kwesé prize team. Repeat you will NOT be contacted.

2. It will be up to YOU to send a confirmation email to:   competitions@econetwireless.com 

 by no later 15 July.

3.  When you write, please provide:

·       Name (must be your real name, as compared to your Facebook name).

·       Proof of your Facebook identity (Link to your Facebook account is fine).

  • We reserve the right to verify all identities.

·       City and country.

·       Mobile phone number including country code.

You will then be sent a voucher by SMS and you can redeem directly, if you are in one of the countries where iflix currently operates. (If not, your prize is not transferable).

All jury decisions are final. Thank you for participating! We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


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