Kwesé TV wants to keep you in the know this July | Kwesé

Kwesé TV wants to keep you in the know this July

Kwesé TV wants to keep you in the know this July

16:00 SAST | 06 Jul 2018

We know that there's nothing worse than sitting around the dinner table and having no idea what people are talking about. Don't stress, we've got you covered! Kwesé TV brings you all the global news you didn't know you needed to know.

In early 2010, huge groups of civilians from various North African and Middle-Eastern countries began revolting against corrupt governments, crumbling economies, unjust legal systems, excruciatingly strict rules and regulations and human rights violations. A rebellion known as the Arab Spring. But, the officials they went up against knew how to fight back which resulted in more violence than the regions had ever seen before.

DocFilm: Testifying against Assad - Seeking Justice for Syria, Thursday, 12 July at 21:15 CAT on DW (Ch 745), follows the tale of Khaled and Abeer; a married couple who, among many others, were kept hostage for months on end and were victims of relentless torture at the hands of armed government forces. Now, seven years after the fact, they have decided to lay charges against their country for heinous war crimes and vicious crimes against humanity. This is the tale of their bravery. This is a story of justice.

The unrest, violence and revolt in Syria has torn families apart, devastating lives and resulting in the destruction of heritage sites, homes, communities, mosques and schools. Witness: A Stranger Came to Town, Wednesday, 18 July at 21:00 CAT on Al Jazeera (Ch 730), shines the light on four friends, cut from the same cloth; who, during the rough stages of rebellion, followed four very different paths. Where are Nahel, Ahmed, Ferhad and Issa now? Hear their story, tales of their past and fears for the future.

We know politics are a no-no when it comes to dinner table chat, but we thought we'd fill you in anyways. The age-old tale of corrupt politicians doing anything they can to keep power resonates the world over. As Cambodia prepares for its elections on Sunday, 29 July, fierce critics of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) are calling it rigged. And, with the only other opposition party dissolved in November 2017 and the CPP closing all media houses that dared speak against them, it's no wonder they're suspicious. 101 East - Cambodia's Election Crackdown, Thursday, 12 July at 23:30 CAT on Al Jazeera (Ch 730), delves into the country's current political landscape and looks at what this corruption means for the country's future.

This month's episode of Talk Asia, Sunday, 8 July at 13:30 CAT on CNN (Ch 705), sees host Anna Coren sitting down with mega-famous actress, entrepreneur and founder of Honest Company, Jessica Alba. She's not just a pretty face. She's a fierce business woman who has made a small fortune selling non-toxic household and baby products, a project near and dear to her heart as a mother of three. As a prominent Hollywood figure she touches on the #MeToo campaign that has brought to light the extent of sexual harassment in the industry. It's an episode you don't want to miss.

The Cannes Film Festival has been running for over 70 years and is the pinnacle of success for any filmmaker. This year (2018), its 71st event, saw more Middle Eastern films competing for awards than ever before. In honour of this, Inside the Middle East, Wednesday 11 July at 18:30 CAT on CNN (Ch 705), shines a light on the Arab Film Industry and discusses its rise to fame and inclusion in one of the international film industry's most prestigious events. With four Middle Eastern films competing for the Palme d'Or Award this year, they are well on their way.

Then, the spotlight is on the African continent in Inspire Africa, Saturday, 14 July at 13:10 CAT on Africa News (Ch 725). This bi-monthly talk show highlights the success stories of people from all around Africa who have uplifted, encouraged and inspired their communities in one way or another. They're changing the game and developing Africa in unique ways. Business, technology and even social initiatives are just some of the ways they're taking Africa to the next level. And, as an African company proudly serving our nation, Kwesé TV knows that this show will have both us and you inspired.

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