Jaw-dropping crime shows on Kwesé TV | Kwesé

Jaw-dropping crime shows on Kwesé TV

Jaw-dropping crime shows on Kwesé TV

16:15 SAST | 06 Jul 2018

Murder mysteries, uncovering the truth, taking down the bad guys and solving crime are just the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to what Kwesé TV has in-store for you. With great shows like CSI: Miami, Hawaii Five-O, Murder Made Me Famous and MI High you will be left at the on edge-of-your-seat wanting more.

So, don't be left out in the cold this winter, snuggle up to these suspense-filled shows:

Don't miss MI High on Kwesé Family (Ch 110), Mondays, from 11 July at 17:00 CAT. St Hope might look like an ordinary high school but behind closed doors a big secret looms. The headquarters of MI High is hidden in the school and only the MI High team knows. MI 9's division of well-trained teens battle the evil Super Kriminal Underground League (SKUL) who are determined to take over the world. When the President of the US is abducted, it's up to the 'school spies' to tackle this difficult mission. Will they save the day?

CBS Reality (Ch 170) takes a look at infamous killers and the crimes that gained them their notoriety. Murder Made Me Famous, weekends from 14 July at 20:20 CAT, features re-enactments and remarks from individuals who were connected to some of the most shocking crimes. Watch as families who waited years for their loved ones to return, grieve a shocking, tragic sudden loss whilst others find coping mechanisms to just carry on living. When Susan Smith dreamed of living a happy life alone with the man of her dreams, her children were never a part of this picture. Discover how she grabbed the media's attention at the expense of her two sons to get her happily ever after.

A lot can happen behind closed doors, but even more sinister things happen behind switched off screens. Catch Web of Lies on Investigation Discovery (Ch 430), Fridays, from 6 July at 21:00 CAT, to uncover the hidden dangers that lurk behind our computer and phone screens. This show reveals spine-chilling true crimes of online deceit, making us aware of how quickly an online attraction can turn fatal. When 13-year-old Kacie Woody goes searching for friends online, she meets two guys who appear harmless - but all is not as it seems. One of them isn't the innocent person he has made himself out to be. See how Kacie's innocent search for friends had a tragic ending.

Everything works out better when you take the time to prepare for its execution. The people on Diabolical: Deadly Love on Investigation Discovery (Ch 430), Wednesdays, from 11 July 21:00 CAT, have taken this process to a whole new level when they formed the perfect murder plot. Having prepared months or years in advance, watch through re-enactments as the men and women on this show reveal a cunning, premeditated killer side, you never saw coming.

Justice will be served one way or another on FOX (Ch 141) this July. On CSI: Miami S5, Fridays at 19:05 CAT, and Hawaii Five-O, weekdays at 18:15 CAT, justice is finally here for the silenced. Former homicide detective, Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami, heads a group of investigators who go above and beyond to collect and analyse evidence to solve crimes and put those responsible behind bars. The cases these detectives work require the sharpest minds and eyes so that justice for those who cannot speak for themselves can at last be served.

The squad of Hawaii Five-0 also tackle their own criminal cases. It's a race against time and finding the evidence, this police task force needs to close their cases, doesn't always come easy. Tune in to see how these crime fighters put their lives on the line to solve eye-popping, you didn't see this coming, cases.

Kwesé TV has enough must-watch shows to keep you entertained through the cold winter nights. Tune in to find out what lurks in the dark of night and what will definitely leave you shook.

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