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Something for the movers and shakers

Something for the movers and shakers

15:45 SAST | 03 Aug 2018

So, spend some time indulging in our must-watch content and see what luxurious and interesting shows we have on offer. Fine Living (Ch 445) on Kwesé TV brings you the best of the good life. Tune in and enjoy shows like Hot Beach Houses and Island Life. Odisseia (Ch 410) is one of Kwesé TV's more factual, knowledge-based channels and this month you can enjoy Archiac Festivals.

For lighter, funnier and entertaining shows, don't miss the likes of Cool Pools S2, Hustle and Soul S2 and Everyday People to name a few.

We all dream about owning a holiday home on an exotic island or somewhere by the sea side. These dreams can sometimes be hard to achieve due to the expensive price tags linked to them. Lucky for you Kwesé TV has gone through the effort of bringing you shows that you can empathise with and imagine yourself in a 'better' place.

Everyone enjoys a good celebration or festival and Archaic Festivals on Odisseia (Ch 410), Mondays from 6 August at 21:00 CAT, brings you the best festivals from around the world. These festivals celebrate cultures, traditions and sometimes religious believes in these must-watch festivals. You might not agree with the beliefs of these festival goers but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy watching them in action.

Realising your dreams and doing all you can to reach your fullest potential, requires a lot of hard work and dedication. This can be seen in the life of Chef Lawrence on Hustle and Soul S2, Tuesdays at 20:10 CAT. Moving his Pink Tea Cup restaurant to Brooklyn, he has to do all he can to make sure that he can work his way to a coveted Michelin star. He desperately needs the support of his staff, who sometimes let him down by fighting amongst themselves instead of working to make sure the restaurant runs smoothly. There's a lot to be admired about Chef Lawrence's strength and this show will definitely set your hustle mode on 100.

Don't miss Hot Beach Houses, Thursdays from 9 August at 20:00 CAT. From ocean view homes, to discovering a piece of paradise, this show has it all. Tune in to see the lavish island resorts and opulent oceanfront homes, we have in store for you. They are beautiful, magnificent to look at and offer home owners a sense of accomplishments; beach houses have it all and we are there to see.

A little something for the cooler days, tune in to Cool Pools S2, Thursdays from 9 August at 21:00 CAT. This show travels around the world to bring viewers the best pools you could ever imagine. Get your swimsuits and umbrella decorated drinks ready. This show will leave you envious of the fabulous island life these people live. Finding the right house usually comes at a hefty cost and lucky for us, it's available to you on Kwesé TV.

And finally, tune in to Island Life S7, Saturdays from 11 August at 20:00 CAT, to watch hopefuls on the search for their dream home. Estate agents work their magic to turn ordinary families island dreams to a reality. There are some tears as families cannot afford to buy their houses they want but for the most part there are celebrations and happy moments when the families finally move in.

King of South Africa's Hip Hop scene, Kwesta is back at it with a bang. Tune in as TRACE Africa (Ch 615), celebrate him in style on Saturday, 11 August at 14:00 CAT. With his club bangers like Ngud and Spirit featuring international award-winning Wale, you are definitely in for a treat. Tune in and don't stop dancing to the banging hits from Kwesta.

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