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Enter the natural world with Kwesé TV

Enter the natural world with Kwesé TV

17:30 SAST | 10 Aug 2018

Kwesé TV wants you to learn more about the fluffy, smooth, scaly and sharp critters we share the Earth with and the places they inhabit. So, sit down, cuddle up and prepare to be dazzled by our planets incredible natural wonders.

What lurks beneath? What creatures threaten our relaxing days by the sea or explorations through serene rivers. We don't even want to know, but Andy Coetzee does! He thrives on it. Fishing for Giants premieres on Monday, 13 August at 18:00 CAT on Nat Geo WILD (Ch 436) and sees expert fisherman and wild adventurer Andy on the hunt for some of the world's largest and most elusive fish. From Dogtooth Tuna to the Guinean Giant Barracuda - they're scary enough to give us nightmares. But Andy's fearless and rearing for more!

Travel Channel (Ch 440) is taking you on the journey of a lifetime, around the world to the most spectacular locations that feature out-of-this-world underwater expeditions and experiences. From dining under the sea alongside colourful fishy friends, to diving with sharks or treating yourself to an underwater spa day - you'll really see it all. So, put your goggles on, hook up your oxygen tanks and tune in to Xtreme Underwater premiering, Thursday, 16 August at 20:00 CAT.

Island life has never looked so good. The Philippines is an Asian country that is made up of over 7,000 small islands - that's a lot of space for our dream island mansion! But, what type of animals live there, what natural wonders are there to be discovered? Nigel Marven's Wild Philippines, Sundays at 18:30 CAT on Odisseia (Ch 410), sets out to answer some of these questions. From travelling through cities, volcanic landscapes, forests, coral reefs and even underground, what creatures will Nigel find?

Some of the most stunning natural wonders are the various migrations that particular species undergo in search of new food or mates. By sea, sky or land, these animals travel thousands of kilometres each year to get where they need to be in Trials of the Wild, Wednesdays at 18:00 CAT on Nat Geo WILD (Ch 436). From a colony of 500,000 army ants travelling across the Costa Rican jungle, to tree-dwellers in the Borneo rainforest who use the branches to get around, they sure know how to move!

Now, from marvelling at incredible wildlife to learning how we can save our world. DocFilm: E-Life - The Hazards of Electronic Waste, Sunday, 26 August at 21:15 CAT on DW (Ch 745), takes us to Africa where extremely poor workers are attempting to extract the desirable materials, like copper and cobalt, from old technological devices such as phones and computers that the rich have thrown away. But, these workers attempt to do so with no protective gear, exposing themselves and their environments to harmful toxins. But, why are these devices disposed of so irresponsibly? And, what can we do to minimise this waste?

So, get Kwesé TV now, venture into the unknown and learn about the creatures we share this planet with!

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