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Whoopi Goldberg stars in A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Whoopi Goldberg stars in A Day Late and a Dollar Short

17:15 SAST | 23 Jan 2017

When the doors are closed, the guests all gone and it’s just relatives, that’s usually when the true family dynamics come out. From name calling to sibling rivalry, the dysfunction plays out like an unpredictable tune. When it matters most, though, all of this madness can be put aside, as is the case when Viola Price (Whoopi Goldberg) learns that her next asthma attack is likely to kill her and she sets out to fix her fractured family before she sets a foot anywhere near the grave.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short premieres on Kwesé Movies 1 on Sunday, 12 February, at 20:00 CAT with a star-studded line up led by Executive Producer, Whoopi Goldberg. While your family may not be as star-studded, it probably has the following characteristics and signs:

Family functions always end in fist fights: You’re better off using plastic crockery and cutlery for the family reunion to avoid any hospital visits by the end of the night. Of course, what's to say a fist fight won’t break out as an alternative. Generally this is because of slick talk from one family member to another which ends up in a screaming match turned boxing match.

No place is too sacred for arguing: It’s hard enough to get your point across, so everyone doesn’t care - or the argument takes place, as long they’re able to get their point across. At the restaurant, outside in the yard at the movies, anywhere.

Friends and extended family no longer intervene in your fights: Your notorious family fights are becoming unpopular largely due to the fact that they are repeat offenders. Eventually, the rest of the family clan knows to step back when nostrils begin to flair and voices are raise. Partly because you and your relatives always find a way back to being on good terms so they can never keep up.

Your father constantly needs saving from his younger girlfriend: Your father happens to be in love with a woman who is conniving, now it’s your duty as his ‘other’ family to keep an eye on the relationship.

When people tell you that you’re like one of your family members and you get upset: Can you blame them? Even if you can, this is one of those most evident signs you have a problem with your family. Hearing the words, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, and regarding such as an insult is a sure way of noting that either something’s wrong with your family, or you have some issue with your relatives.

You rarely if ever bring friends to your houseYou always avoid inviting your friends over, especially when your family is around - because you know that something embarrassing will most likely happen.

Your mother is afraid of leaving you and your siblings in the same room: Your mother’s worst fear is leaving you and your siblings in the same room… after all it’s not easy to get rid of blood stains.

Is your family dysfunctional? Even if not, don’t miss this opportunity to gather the family together as Kwesé Movies 1 takes you into the lives of one family with many unforgettable characters.

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