Throwing out junk is Totally Rubbish | Kwesé

Throwing out junk is Totally Rubbish

Throwing out junk is Totally Rubbish

14:15 SAST | 24 Jan 2017

Totally Rubbish proves that one person’s junk is another’s treasure. Learn to create awesome art, from junk, in the coolest ways. Join Michelle and Nigel as they transform hopeless rubbish into amazing, and useful, stuff on Kwesé Kids (Ch 500, Mondays at 15:30 CAT).

Learn how to prank your mates with fake doggy-doo, or make art from tin cans. What you think of as totally rubbish – old newspapers, plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, broken toys – can be turned into something amazing, and even arty.

If you think Totally Rubbish is totally cool, then you’ll love Jinx on Kwesé Kids (Ch 500, Wednesdays at 16:00 CAT).

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