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To the couture market we march!

To the couture market we march!

13:00 SAST | 08 Mar 2017

‘Haute couture’ is a French term that means ‘high dressmaking’, but is now used widely to mean ‘high fashion’. The French came up with the term to differentiate this type of fashion from factory-made, ‘one-size-fits-many’ clothing. Haute couture dresses are hand tailored from the finest cloth, with the designer adjusting the garment so it fits perfectly. There are only a ‘happy handful’ – e.g. the wives of oil sheiks and dotcom billionaires - who can afford haute couture dresses. But thanks to a new show on Fashion One, Couture Market (Ch 450, premieres March 14 at 21:00 CAT) you can vicariously enjoy the thrills of high fashion.

Fashion One, which broadcasts out of New York City, is a world-leading fashion, entertainment and lifestyle network. The show Couture Market (every Tuesday on Ch 450) transports you into the inner sanctum of high-end dressmaking. Although the term ‘haute couture’ has been adopted by the public to mean any fancy fashion – it technically, and legally, only applies to a handful of top designers operating out of Paris.

Couture Market whisks you into the ateliers (studios) of the most celebrated fashionistas to experience a world where needlework, seams, hemlines, and gussets are of life-and-death significance. Meet Chinese designer Guo Pei and Hong Kong’s Bowie Wong, who took Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week by storm, incorporating traditional Asian elements in their intricate designs. Find out why Mongas and Kajals Couture, of India, were such a hit at the Asian Bridal Couture in London, and why Filipino designer Furne One, of Amato Couture, is so sought after by royalty and celebrities alike.

Fashion fairy-tales come true on Fashion One’s Couture Market – catch it every Tuesday (21:00 CAT on Ch 45).

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