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Uncover cyber secrets on Odisseia

Uncover cyber secrets on Odisseia

17:00 SAST | 10 Mar 2017

This week Odisseia (Ch 410) taps into some of the most controversial technology topics in the world in the programme theme, Odisseia Investigates: Technology. What hidden secrets would you like to know about Google? Odisseia will enlighten you. In The Hidden Side of Google (Friday 17 March at 00:00 CAT) Odisseia brings you an exclusive insight into the dark side of the richest search engine company in the world.

Here are more documentaries from Odisseia.

GPS, A Global War (Monday 13 March at 00.00 CAT)
Global positioning systems (GPS) have transformed our lives. But, is GPS empowering us or paving the way for a ‘Big Brother’ state? Who provides the signal? How do they do it and at what cost?

Hack Me If You Can (Tuesday 14 March at 00:00 CAT)
The dark web is the hidden side of the Internet that few of us can access. In this documentary Odisseia shows how the dark web – where illicit cyber transactions take place – has become a battleground in the fight against evil.

Conspi Hunter (Wednesday 15 March at 00:00 CAT)
This revealing documentary exposes a conspiracy theory about AIDS being invented by the United States to combat Cuban communism.

Cyberwar Threat (Thursdays 16 March at 00:00 CAT)
The global cyberwar is heating up and the stakes are not limited to the virtual world of computers. Could cyberwar surpass nuclear war as the number one threat to humanity?

Tune in to Odisseia to uncover some of the world’s best kept cyber secrets.

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