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Learn, Discover, Innovate on Kwesé

Learn, Discover, Innovate on Kwesé

17:30 SAST | 17 Mar 2017

Discovery is one of the world’s great television brands, and Kwesé TV is home to four premier Discovery channels – Discovery Science (Ch 425), Animal Planet (Ch 420), DTX (Ch 415) and IDX (Ch 430). Discovery is famous for documentary series that are both highly informative and addictively entertaining: here are five to open the mind and ignite the imagination.

Pit Bulls and Parolees (Animal Planet on Ch 420, Tuesday 21 March at 18:20 CAT)
Pit bulls - America’s so-called deadliest dogs – team up with ex-convicts to challenge stereotypes. In this heart-warming series ex-cons find purpose in training abused and abandoned pit bull terriers. Dignity is restored as the reformed criminals find a way back to society, and America’s once most-loved canine regains its reputation.

Strip the Cosmos (Discovery Science on Ch 425, Wednesday 22 March at 19:30 CAT)
This documentary uses special CGI animation to lay bare what lies beneath the surface. Strip the Cosmos reveals what the naked eye cannot see, using graphics to show the inner layers of the planets, moons, black holes, stars and galaxies.

FantomWorks (DTX on Ch 415, Thursday 23 March at 21:00 CAT)
FantomWorks rekindles old flames through quality craftsmanship. From what was to what can be, we discover how old classic cars are restored and modified. Host Dan Short goes to extreme lengths to bring old cars back to life, making them look and run better than new.

Chasing Classic Cars (DTX on Ch 415, Wednesday 22 March at 21:00 CAT)
Chasing Classic Cars takes us inside the rarefied classic car world of master restorers, exclusive dealers and wealthy collectors. Join Wayne Carini, a Ferrari expert and a lover of classic cars, on his mission to find some of the most exotic models out there and then restore them for the market.

A Crime to Remember (IDX on Ch 430, 24 March at 22:00 CAT)
This series brings to life infamous crimes from the 20th century, and includes recreations of the crimes and interviews with those close to the investigation. If you’re partial to crime stories, A Crime to Remember will have you hooked from the very first clue.

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