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Movies for Africa

Movies for Africa

11:30 SAST | 20 Mar 2017

Audrey Hepburn, a fashion and film icon of the 50s and 60s, said, “Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” On Kwesé TV we have numerous movie channels to entertain, excite and inform. For a start there are our three own movie channels (Kwesé Movies 1,2, and 3), bringing you 24/7 viewing of movies we’ve specially curated for African audiences.

Kwesé Movies 1
Kwesé Movies 1 (Ch 115) is aimed at the somewhat more sentimental viewer, and delivers a great selection of romantic-comedies, true-life dramas and psychological thrillers. Look out for first-class fare such as: Ms. Matched (28 March at 11:20 CAT), Comeback Dad (27 March at 17:00 CAT) and Seasons of Love (24 March at 15:45 CAT).

Kwesé Movies 2
If you’re in the mood for more muscular entertainment then check out Kwesé Movies 2 (Ch 120), which brings you the best of action, fantasy and sci-fi. Go on an adrenaline thrill-ride with films like: Chinese Zodiac (23 March at 07:00 CAT), The Bourne Ultimatum (28 March at 11:45 CAT) and Invincible (29 March at 14:45 CAT).

Kwesé Movies 3 and African Movie Channel
Kwesé Movies 3 (Ch 125) is a tribute to Africa’s growing film industry, and brings you local cinema. African Movie Channel (Ch 160), like Kwesé Movies 3, is also dedicated to bringing you the best celluloid action, drama and comedy out of Africa. Tune into these two channels to see home-grown stars like Kemi Lala Akindoju (Dazzling Mirage, 30 March at 20:45 CAT), Joselyn Dumas (Silver Rain, 30 March at 22:45 CAT) and Uche Elendu (Dia Ris God, 6 April at 14:51 CAT).

Zee Bollymovies
Zee Bollymovies (Ch 155) taps into the colourful, romantic, larger-than-life world of Bollywood. Soak up the romance of India’s movie scene with films like:  The Shaukeens (25 March at 18:00 CAT), Joggers Park (27 March at 18:00 CAT) and Fitoor (16 April at 19:00 CAT).

AMC and True Movies
While AMC (Ch 130 and not to be confused with African Movie Channel) is mostly a series channel it also offers movies too. Look out for top-class films on AMC including The Program (26 March at 21:00 CAT), Molly (30 April at 14:35 CAT) and Toy Soldiers (31 March at 19:15 CAT). True Movies (Ch 165) also shows a combination of series and movies rooted in real-life drama. Check out titles such as The Disappearing Act (25 March at 20:45 CAT), My Husband My Killer (29 March at 00:15 CAT) and Genevieve (23 March at 06:45 CAT).

Be swept away with the drama, comedy, romance and action of great movie entertainment on Kwesé TV.

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