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Exciting Easter Entertainment for Kids

Exciting Easter Entertainment for Kids

15:30 SAST | 23 Mar 2017

Dance, learn and explore with Kwesé TV these Easter holidays. We’ve searched far and wide to bring the world’s best kids content to Africa.

DreamWorks (Ch 505)

If you love action-packed moments, fighting villains and saving the day, The Adventures of Puss in Boots is for you. Follow the new tales of the sword-fighting kitty with a soft side as he defends the town of San Lorenzo from evil, with the help of new friends. All new episodes starring your family’s favourite fury feline on DreamWorks from 1 April (Daily at 17:00 CAT).

Turbo F.A.S.T, based on DreamWorks’ hit movie Turbo, is sure to entertain the racer within all of us. Watch a group of garden snails, who are the self-proclaimed Fast Action Stunt Team (F.A.S.T), as they achieve the impossible and take things to the extreme (Daily at 16:00 CAT).

Pop (Ch 515)

Babar and the Adventures of Badou re-imagines the classic Babar children’s books for the 21st century, introducing us to King Babar’s grandson. Follow Badou and his exotic animal friends Chiku, Monroe, Zawadi and Jake as they solve mysteries and learn new things in their home of Celesteville. With his trusty pals by his side and guidance from his grandfather, there is nothing Badou cannot accomplish. Premiering 3 April (Daily at 07:50 & 18:25 CAT).

From Badou’s brave jungle adventures to the everyday classroom antics of a group of imaginative kids. Ever had a nasty teacher or a day in detention? Make the best of a bad situation with Mr. Twitchy the monkey and his friends in Rated A for Awesome (Daily at 9.30 CAT & 17.00 CAT). Join the gang on their daily adventures, turning the boring into awesome.

Jim Jam (Ch 525)

Transformers Rescue Bots, an animated version of the Hollywood blockbuster Transformers, sees your favourite rumbling robots reinvented. With the help of a human family of first responders, the rescue bots learn about the human race and the importance of team work, all the while realising their true potential.  No matter the situation, they are ready to ‘roll to the rescue’. Premiering 24 April (Daily at 10:00 CAT).

For more lighted-hearted viewing meet three charming and clever little birds named Chirp, Tweet and Squawk. Using their imaginations and everyday objects, these three friends show us that almost anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Tune in to Chirp (Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00-13:00 CAT) and join in on the adventure to see what amazing situations your ideas can get you into and out of.

Kwesé Kids (Ch 500)

Kwesé TV’s exclusive kids channel is a thoughtfully tailored mix of content for tiny tots and tweens. Take a look at some of our exciting, engaging and educational shows. 

Visit Rainbow Village, the most magical place on earth, with Ruby and her teddy Choco. Here, not only can Ruby talk to her toys, she can also be whomever she wants, transforming herself into a doctor or even a fire-fighter to help her toy friends. Have you ever wanted to be someone new for a day? Rainbow Ruby shows you that if you believe in yourself, your dreams can become a reality (Weekdays at 10:30 CAT).

Are you fascinated by the deep blue sea? The Deep gives you an inside look into what lurks beneath the surface. Follow the Nekton family as they discover incredible treasures and solve countless mysteries on their ongoing mission to find an ancient, sunken world (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 15:00 CAT).  

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