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Ten things you probably don’t know about Sylvester Stallone

Ten things you probably don’t know about Sylvester Stallone

15:15 SAST | 28 Mar 2017

Sylvester Stallone stars in Get Carter, which is featured on Kwesé Movies 2. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about the Hollywood action icon who shot to fame with his starring role in Rocky. He also achieved a hit with the movie franchise Rambo. In all he played these two characters (Rocky and Rambo) in eleven films.

  1. While filming Rocky IV he told Dolph Lundgren, playing opposite him as Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, to punch him as hard as he could in the chest. He landed up in intensive care for four days with a swollen heart.
  2. One of his hobbies is abstract oil paintings. Some of his pieces fetch up to $90,000.
  3. He has partial paralysis in his face, caused by a difficult birth, and that’s why he slurs.
  4. He shot to fame with Rocky (1976) which he wrote and starred in. Rocky was shot in only 28 days and yet was the highest grossing film of 1976, winning Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Film Editing.
  5. He wrote the script for Rocky after seeing Muhammad Ali fight. It took him only three days to write, working 20 hours straight to get it done. One of his conditions for selling the script was that he play the lead.
  6. In an interview in 2013 Stallone claimed that he was so broke before making Rocky that he sold his pet bull-mastiff, Butkus, for $50. The buyer, a dwarf by the name of Little Jimmy, ended up featuring in Rocky, as did Butkus. Stallone claims that he had to pay Little Jimmy $3,000 to get his dog back.
  7. His hero is the famous Italian renaissance painter and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci.
  8. His father was a hairdresser/beautician, his mother was an astrologer.
  9. Although he supports the Republican Party and plays violent gun-toting characters, he is nonetheless a fervent advocate of gun control. 
  10. In 2011 he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

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