Congratulations to 25 Facebook quiz winners! | Kwesé

Congratulations to 25 Facebook quiz winners!

Congratulations to 25 Facebook quiz winners!

19:00 SAST | 28 Mar 2017

Today I'm pleased to announce three sets of quiz winners, hailing from 15 African countries: Angola, Botswana, Burundi, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe! 


You'll find the three quizzes and list of winners below. Congratulations to all!


Just to fill you in on our winner selection process: All your responses were reviewed by a small jury including members of our Kwesé team. The competition was again very close!


Winners were selected based on: 1) the best accurate answer, and 2) TIMING that it was received. The first correct and complete answer received wins! In the Kwese "Find a bug" contest, the technical team at Kwesé chose the winner, and thanks you.


Please remember, it's really important that everyone who participates in these contests look at the questions very carefully.  Read each and every word before you hit the send button. (This is why I reprinted each question below so you can study for the future).


# Some people, for example, gave excellent answers, but forgot to state their country, so this disqualified their answer. 


# Note: If you decide to edit your answer after you post it: from now on, we'll consider the time stamp of the edited entry, not the original one. We just want to make it fair to everyone.


Thank you for your participation!


You've probably guessed by now that these contests aren't just about giving prizes: They're also to help you prepare for other types of competition, where it's very important to capture all details correctly, or you could disqualify yourself or, for example, your company's tender bid.


If you're a winner, please go back to my FB page on the Afterthought directing you here, and write a note to let us know. Our team will then contact you by Facebook messenger (keep an eye out for a message). 


Please get back to us within two weeks of today or you'll miss your opportunity to win.


Two more Kwesé competitions closed a few days ago and winners will be announced later this week. 





Winners:  Kwesé "Exclusivity" Quiz


In the TV business, "exclusivity" is the key "game changer.  You must be able to secure or develop content (programming) that no one else has got. I will give 50 x Kwesé decoder, to the first person from any African country, who can identify something that is only EXCLUSIVE on Kwesé TV. If we do not broadcast in your country by June, I will send you an iPhone. Make sure you state your country, as there is only one prize per country. [All the answers can be found on or Kwesé App.] 



Nick Alegria



Oagana Modson 



Eloi Niyongabo 



Kwaku Ankomah Asare 



Macharia Paul 



Juma Banda 



Mukhtar Afodun 



Fefe Rubanda Felix 


Sierra Leone

Abdul Sheriff


South Africa

Innocent Mtizwa 



Elisha Dawa 



Bahati Samson Yaulen 



Bwoya James Atwooki Roho – ngumu 



Frank Liswaniso Lukonde 



Justin Penyesani 



Winners:   Three Question Quiz


1. Name three entrepreneurial shows that appear on Kwesé Inc.

2. Name the latest news channel to be added to Kwesé TV.

3. What are the three subscription options using a decoder on Kwesé TV?


I will give a decoder to the first person from any African country (only one winner per country) who correctly answers these three questions. Africans in the diaspora can participate, but they must give an address in Africa, for us to send it to you. All information can be found on ‪ or the Kwesé App.  If you're a winner and Kwesé TV isn't yet launched in your country by the end of June, I'll send you an iPad. Please remember to state your country and put your answers only under this Afterthought.



Albert Angmor 



Kimoita Stevland 



IamJosh Kally 



Manzi Adams 


South Africa

Munnersh Gabriel Mags



Peter Majeshi 



Jennifer Kyalisiima 



Jimmy Muyombe  



Tatenda Anderson Mareverwa 



Winner:  Kwesé App "Find a bug" Quiz


Quincy Mutasa (Zimbabwe)


We've just released the latest version of the Kwesé App. If you already have the App, you need to refresh it. If you don't have it yet, please download, and tell me what you think. We're also looking for bugs, and we'll give a free decoder to anyone who spots a bug we haven't seen. This isn't just about technology, so download and see if you spot something. Please put your answers under this Afterthought, and be sure to include your country. If Kwesé isn't there by the end of June, I'll send you an iPhone instead.

Mr Strive Masiyiwa, Econet Group Chairman

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