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Kwesé Movie 2: The Home of Martial Arts

Kwesé Movie 2: The Home of Martial Arts

16:15 SAST | 06 Apr 2017

Martial arts movie fans are in for a treat on Kwesé Movies 2. If you’re partial to the genre then you won’t want to miss these four great action movies: Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (Monday, 17 April at 12:30 CAT), The Sorcerer and the White Snake (Thursday, 20 April at 13:30 CAT), Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (Friday, 21 April at 13:00 CAT), and The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (Thursday, 20 April at 07:00 CAT).

In Chinese folklore animal spirits loom large, and the separation between the spirit world and material world is rice paper thin. That’s what makes martial arts movies so compelling, it’s not all about the flying kicks, there’s also the psychological drama of the characters as they fight inner demons – or rather inner dragons.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story pays tribute to the great man in this highly-acclaimed biopic starring Jason Scott Lee (no relation) in the title role. In the film Bruce Lee battles external enemies, as well as childhood demons. It’s a fictionalised account of Lee’s amazing life, and his pivotal role of bringing the Hong Kong martial arts genre to the west. No self-respecting fan of Bruce Lee will want to miss it.

Jet Li stars in The Sorcerer and the White Snake and Flying Swords of Dragon Gate. As you may have guessed ‘Jet Li’ is his stage name, his real name is Li Lianjie. He was born and raised in Beijing, China, before becoming a naturalised Singaporean. Li garnered fame and attention in China as a Wushu champion. Wushu is a sport (includes both full contact and exhibition) that combines the various martial arts traditions. In the The Sorcerer and the White Snake Li plays the sorcerer – a monk who tries to protect a young herbalist from an evil serpent. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is a sequel Dragon Inn, and sees Li at his sword-wielding best.

The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom stars the beautiful Bingbing Fan, one of China’s most loved movie sirens. The film, boasting wonderful CGI effects and touching love scenes, is set in the fading years of the Ming Dynasty, when the Emperor’s court was riven by intrigue.

Enjoy the world’s best martial arts movies on Kwesé Movies 2.

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