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Thrillers on Kwesé

Thrillers on Kwesé

13:15 SAST | 10 Apr 2017

If you feel like escaping the stresses of the day with a good thriller, then Kwesé TV has you covered. Interestingly, a number of the movies have female leads, showing that the genre appeals strongly to both sexes.

Dead Lines (Friday, 14 March at 20:00 CAT) is one of those highly under-rated movies that slipped below the radar. It’s about a fashion designer who is about to launch a much-anticipated new range when one of her workers is found murdered. She soon discovers that her fashion business has become caught up in a drug-smuggling operation. At first she fights to save her company but soon the stakes are raised as her daughter’s life becomes endangered. Lead star Jeri Ryan carries the film with great range and versatility. Ryan is best known for her turn in Star Trek: Voyager. She also happens to be the ex-wife of American Republican Party presidential candidate Jack Ryan.

Wicked Blood (Friday, 19 May at 21:00 CAT) is also anchored by a female lead, Abigail Breslin. She plays Hannah Lee Baker, a young woman from the American deep south whose family is caught up in organised drug-crime. Hannah is an introvert whose chess obsession helps her escape the chaos. Chess not only brings her relief from a crazy existence, it also gives her inspiration in out-manoeuvring the bad guys. Breslin shot to fame in 2006 after her starring role in the indie hit Little Miss Sunshine, for which she earned an Oscar nomination. In Wicked Blood she shows just why she’s been labelled, “…the most sought-after actor of her generation”.

Hidden Snake, starring Yul Edochie Angela Okorie, on African Movie Channel Series (Monday, 17 April at 19:00 CAT) explores the line between reality and myth; between facts and superstition. A happy family starts to experience difficulties after lending a helping hand to a down-and-out friend. Everybody around them becomes a suspect for the mischief-making. But what lies beneath the mystery is unimaginably darker than they could have suspected. 

The Code of Cain on Kwesé Movies 2 (Monday, 17 April at 21:00 CAT) is a thriller that also explores themes of magic and mystery. Natasha Alam plays Sara Ogden, a renowned journalist who criss-crosses the world trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious ‘stamp of Cain’. Could this be the common theme linking seemingly unrelated events of mass killings, revolutions and chaos?

Untraceable on Kwesé Movies 2 (Wednesday, 26 April at 00:00 CAT), explores the dark side of the internet. Diane Lane plays Jennifer Marsh, a secret service agent tasked with hunting down a serial killer who revels in his notoriety, posting live footage of murders on the web. He gathers a sizeable audience of followers, drawn by a dark curiosity. As the tagline puts it: “A cyber killer has finally found the perfect accomplice: You!”

There is no shortage of thrilling, chilling action on Kwesé TV.               

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