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Science Fiction on Kwesé TV

Science Fiction on Kwesé TV

14:45 SAST | 13 Apr 2017

Science fiction (or sci-fi as its also known) is a popular genre that offers a heady cocktail of fantasy, science and action-adventure, inviting audiences to imagine a future of new possibilities. And, let’s not forget that our current reality is arguably far more advanced than what people imagined just 30 or 40 years back. Who would have predicted that one day the entire global population would be connected through hand-held devices, from which they could access all the information in the world? Today’s reality is yesterday’s science fiction.

Prophetic vision
It’s hard to pin down exactly what science fiction is. Hugo Gernsback, the ‘father of science fiction’, put it this way: “…a charming romance intermingled with scientific fact and prophetic vision.” Things have moved on from those naïve days. Now machines really are cleverer than humans, at least in terms of their ability to process data. And with developments in machine learning (also known as artificial intelligence or cognitive computing), they’re getting exponentially smarter every day, whereas we poor humans can only grow our brains at the glacial pace of biological evolution.

The best sci-fi film on AI
The possibilities and limits of Artificial intelligence (AI) serve as the theme for Ex Machina on Kwesé Movies 2 (Saturday, 29 April at 23:15). It follows the story of a talented young programmer who is invited to spend a week with the reclusive CEO of the world’s leading internet company. Here he partakes in an experiment, interacting with a beautiful robot girl. Besides exploring the limits and challenges of our rapidly advancing technologies, Ex Machina is also a meditation on the nature of intimacy. It’s not only a sci-fi film, but a psychological thriller which explores what it is to be human. One critic called it: “…the best science fiction film on artificial intelligence since Blade Runner.”

Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman to the rescue
Oblivion on Kwesé Movies 2 (Sunday, 30 April at 15:05 CAT) also comes highly recommended, but for different reasons. It stars Tom Cruise as Jack, a drone repairman sent to a post-apocalyptic world to extract the last remaining resources. With the use of excellent CGI, and great cinematography, the film offers one visually spectacular scene after another, and includes epic action sequences. Oblivion also stars Morgan Freeman, and will have you royally entertained for a full two hours.

Bruce Willis takes an The Army of the Twelve Monkeys
Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman are not the only big Hollywood names on Kwesé TV saving the world from disaster. Twelve Monkeys Kwesé Movies 2 (Monday, 24 April at 08:31 CAT) is an award-winning sci-fi classic which pits Bruce Willis against The Army of the Twelve Monkeys, who are intent on destroying the world.

Kids love Power Rangers
For kids interested in sci-fi there’s Power Rangers SPD on POP (Weekends at 07.25CAT). It’s one of the most popular kids show franchises ever, and follows the adventures of a group of teens who boast amazing super-powers. 

Turning science fiction into science fact
And if you’re interested in how science fiction is being turned into science fact, then catch Ecopolis on Discovery Science (Sunday, 23 April at 23:30 CAT)). It’s a six-part documentary series that explores how humankind can live sustainably in an urban setting. By 2050, 75% of the world’s population (as many 7 billion people) will be urbanised; and the show explores how science and technology are being used to make our jam-packed cities sustainable, liveable, and carbon-neutral.

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