19 new Facebook quiz winners from 14 African countries! | Kwesé

19 new Facebook quiz winners from 14 African countries!

19 new Facebook quiz winners from 14 African countries!

21:00 SAST | 24 Jun 2017

I am pleased to announce the winners of two Facebook quizzes today. Once again the competition was very tough amongst hundreds who took part in each quiz. Thanks to everyone for participating and congratulations to our nine winners who knew which of many Kwesé Inc shows that help entrepreneurs learn to make a "pitch" and 10 winners of our quiz about Kwesé TV's extensive exclusive programming for children. Well done!

I do want to mention one comment made by our jurors. This is a very open and transparent contest that we hold on my Facebook page and everyone can see each other's answers. It's really very interesting to do it this way because we all learn from each other. However, what they noticed is that clearly some of you borrow answers from each other, including wrong answers, misspellings and all. Food for thought for some of you.

Congratulations once again to everyone who took time to watch Kwesé TV's great collection of channels and shows, do your research and compete to win. Winners will find a message from my team about how to collect your prizes at the end of this announcement.

Strive Masiyiwa
Econet Group Chairman

Quiz question:  Kwesé Inc shows that help entrepreneurs learn to make a pitch.

Kwesé weekly quiz:
I'm still giving away decoders for Kwesé! So here's the latest question: I will give a decoder to the first person from the 13x countries available online at https://store.kwese.com/ who answers this question: Name at least 3x shows on Kwesé Inc, that help entrepreneurs make a pitch for investment. Winners will be posted on Kwese.Com/News in a week. Don't forget to put your country (of the 13x only) and put your answer right here!  May 27.


  • Start Up U
  • Make Me a Millionaire Inventor
  • Adventure Capitalist
  • Quit Your Day Job
  • Project Runway - Fashion Start Up
  • West Texas Investors Club
  • Hatched
  • Start up: Silicon Valley
  • Shark Tank
  • The Profit

Winners (first correct from each country):

Naomi Nice

Emmanuel Naatei Nartey

Lydd Kkyi Gatere

Tsepo Sithole

Joe Maganga Zonda

Awho Vitalight

Manzi Adams

Badru Ayesiga

Tatenda Anderson Mareverwa

Quiz question:  Kwesé TV and Kwesé Kids channel exclusive programming for children.

Quiz #1 of the week:

This week, Kwesé TV introduces, for the first time in Africa, a new channel for kids. I will give a decoder to the first 10 people from any African country where we have service if you can answer the following: 1) Give me the names of ALL the children's channels now on Kwesé TV; AND 2) Give me the name of any children's channel, or content on Kwesé Kids channel, which is not found on any other broadcaster in Africa (Kwesé exclusives!) You must also say where you got the information, and state your country, to win. (Prizes will only be awarded/shipped to your stated country). As always, only put your answers under this comment. 1 June.


Question 1. (Name all seven)

Kwesé Children’s channels

  • Kwesé Kids
  • Dreamworks
  • Cartoon Network
  • Boomerang
  • Toonami
  • Pop
  • Jim Jam


Question 2. (Name one of these)

Kwesé exclusive channels

  • Kwesé Kids
  • Dreamworks
  • Toonami

Exclusive shows on Kwesé Kids

  • Rainbow Ruby
  • The Deep
  • Thunderbirds Are Go
  • Jabu's Jungle

Winners (first correct answers received)

  • Katumba Kabwita (Zambia)
  • Ernest Ntuthu Mbili (South Africa)
  • Remmy Wamimbi (Uganda)
  • Rita Alasa (Nigeria)
  • Michael Chapeyama (Zimbabwe)
  • Kelvin HigherLife Mlambo (Botswana)
  • Letso Sero (Botswana)
  • Jocy Mukumba (Namibia)
  • Michael Yaw Dabie (Ghana)
  • Mhlanga Maxwell Musa (Swaziland)

Message to winners from the prize team.
If you're a winner:  Please go back to Mr Masiyiwa's Facebook page as soon as possible, and write us a quick note under the Afterthought that directed you here today. This helps him and our team know that you know you've won so we can contact you.

After that, please look for us on your Facebook messenger. Very important! We will be in touch to get your contact details, then have local teams arrange for your decoder to be delivered.

If you're from one of several countries beyond the 13x, we thank you for being patient and appreciate your participation! In the meantime, please give us all your contact details right away, which we will keep on file, so we can push the button as soon as Kwesé is operating in your country.



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